Should organ donation over the age of 18 be compulsory?

Asked by: JamesWaHe
  • Life > Bodily Autonomy

    I personally wouldn't be here if not for organ donations. A kidney transplant gave my dad 20 years of extra life. But he was blessed in that regard- where I live, just 30 people donated organs one year. 30. Is sentimental value worth decades of extra life for (usually multiple) others? At the very least, we should have an opt-out system, and ideally, mandatory organ donation.

  • Why would you not?!

    Of course organ donation should be an absolute. The person that has passed away will never use his or her healthy organs while their body is no longer readily using it. If you have a healthy organ that you will never use again, why not allow a person that needs it to SURVIVE have the organ. You're dead anyway! I would like to be remembered as helping at least, if not multiple, people upon dying. It blows my mind that people are selfish enough to not donate an organ once they've passed as if they're going to continue using their kidney while there dead. This place that we live in is senseless.

  • The Question is Not Why? But Why Not?

    Why would you not want your last act in your life to be saving somebody or multiple lives, think about it your lying in a hospital bed and the only person that could save you is lying next to you and he says that he isn't going to give his organs to save somebody and the doctor asks why and he says "I have the freedom of choice over my own body" the thing that would be going through your head is the only reason your not going to live on is because the selfish person next to you isn't donating a lung or a heart just because he can choose not to... A person that wouldn't donate an organ from their dead body is so selfish and stupid they shouldn't get a choice because the only thing their going to do is abuse it.

  • If churches need donations to buy new organs only their congregations should be made to contribute.

    I never go to church so why should I be forced to donate money for the church organ? In any case, churches are rolling in money, and unlike mine, their income is tax free. Also, how do we know they will spend the donations on an organ and not a new car or a luxury cruise?

  • It's coercive. That is all.

    JamesWaHe: If your stance on organ donation is righteous, then it is contradictory to say that we should force people to apply it to themselves.

    As for the question: The virtue of organ donation is irrelevant. To make organ donation compulsory is to take over an individual upon their death, and snatches from their relatives and their friends the right to dispose of the body in the way that they deem more righteous than the medical process of organ donation, including religious traditions.

  • An invasion of bodily autonomy.

    For the same reason that no one should ever be forced to remain pregnant if they do not wish, people are not coerced into donating organs to someone else. It's an invasion of bodily autonomy and/or property, because your body is your property. It means no one can use your body, take parts, or live off you (as in, attached to you to live) against your will. If people were made to donate organs, that is an infringement of bodily autonomy and therefore, human rights.

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