• Because people should not die too early

    Because people should not die too early and you should not leave organs in a dying old man rather than donate them to a 9 year old whose life is in grave danger. Also because life is precious. That particular 9 year old could be a future genius. Who knows?

  • I think this is talking about mandatory organ donation when you are DEAD

    I absolutely do not think that the government is going to force a healthy person to give up their organ. This is talking about after you are dead, like if you got in a car accident but your organs are healthy, you could save so many lives. According to the Unos, as of 8:12 this morning 123,272 people wer on that stupid list. And today, less than 1/12 of those people received the key to their survival. I am debating a topic similar to this and with the statistics I have seen, we need as many organs as possible and I very well think this is a fabulous idea.

  • I agree with the above statement

    Yes organ donation should be compulsory in country because giving away organs after death won't take away anything from you but, it can give a life of good to many.
    Even a single donor can donate organs to many in need as, a single human body has many body parts.

  • The Storage Space of Organs

    Where are we going to store so many organs? I mean if everyone was mandatory to donate one organ imagine the ratio of people to organs. I mean that would be a lot. They would mostly all go to waste because organs can only be alive for a certain amount of time. I mean yes the people that are sick are benefiting but you aren't thinking about the people who aren't sick. They are giving something to someone but they don't want to

  • Is this for real?

    We don't exactly have backups of our organs running around. I can imagine it. I've retired, and I get an envelope from the Feds demanding that I give them one of my a) testicles or b) kidneys, or get a free stay with room and board in the Crossbar Hotel. Apart from the fact that forcing people to give up their organs is a bad idea, there will be exceptions made, to the big-shots and military personnel. The big-shots, because they can afford it, and the police and military personnel, as they are keeping America safe.
    And then there are the issues involved. What is stopping people from skipping town with their organs? Are we going to lock those people up and rip the organs out of their taxpaying bodies? How will we know that some politician isn't having his friends on the "double-blind" selection committee use this organ donation system to terrorize supporters of his opponents like some person who will not be named used the IRS to attempt to browbeat the Tea Party into line? Will, or how will the donor be compensated? Where are those organs going? Will there be anesthesia? Will this be carried out on the healthy, or the dead and dying? How will the organ to be donated be selected?
    On top of these issues, where are the personnel coming from?
    "I can't wait to see the look on the doctor's faces at the institute when they see I'm a doctor too! These nice guys in suits gave me this coat, a piece of paper in a box, and a knife!" *takes a swig of whiskey* "Now let's cut ya open! Wee-hoo!"
    tl;dr Mandatory organ "donation" is a very bad idea and you should feel bad about it.

  • Are we really debating this

    Lets say we come up with a policy (every american must donate atleast 1 organ in there lifetime) you drink so much 1 of your kidneys fail,then 4 years later you get a letter "on febuary 5th of this year YOU WILL donate 1 of your kidneys or face federal prison" you donate your last kidney because you must and die,simple reason why it can't be mandatory,COMPENSATION TO DO IT THOUGH...

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