Should organ donors be given first preference to receive organs if they need one?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Yes yes yes

    If organ donors donate an organ, it is only fair for them to get one back if they need one. This applies to the simple rule you most likely learned in preschool: behave to others as you want others to behave to you. Everyone should follow this rule no matter what.

  • It's only fair

    It's only fair. If you sign up to donate organs you should be given first preference to receive organs if you need them. Your contribution should be rewarded. This would also encourage more people to register as organ donors, which would mean more people who are organ donors are given first preference which encourages more people to sign up so we'd have a very large number of organ donors.

  • Yes I think thats fair

    It's takes a fair measure of selfishness to not want to donate our organs once our dead.

    Selfish people should still be saved but not at the expense of the ordinary person. The law should possibly be changed to make it possible to save organs from all deceased people. Or at least where possible.

  • Support those who Support Us

    We should be willing to reward the good deeds if others. If they need a transplant they should be first in line because they'd be willing to give their life for someone in that situation. I don't have much to say on this topic due to the fact that if you think about it, it's only common sense that they should be taken care of for being willing to do the same for you.

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