Should organic food be more expensive than junk food?

  • Farming Organic is Expensive

    I mean, these farmers have the decency not to think only about cash. And farming organic is expensive. I mean, we should support these farmers who help us eat healthy. I understand that people want to eat organic food for less, but you have to think about the other side of the organic deal.

  • Junk Food Supports Big Pharma

    If governments truly cared about their citizenry, they'd make sure fresh, healthy, organic foods were available to all at far less than the price of junk food.

    They don't, because they ultimately support the Big Pharma industry, together with their little, drug-pusher puppets, quacks and 'specialists'.

    There is absolutely no legitimate excuse under the sun for organic produce to be 'more expensive' and any who say there is, are liars with vested interests to lose.

  • Organic Food Should Be Cheaper Than Junk Food

    No, organic food should not be more expensive than junk food. In fact, it should be cheaper than junk food so that the lower middle class and the poor have easier access to healthy food choices. This way, these classes will not develop tastes for unhealthy food and will live longer lives.

  • I don't the organic food should be more expensive.

    While I understand that it may be easier and cheap to produce food that may not be as good for you. I think a lot of it may come down to people not being as interested in buying healthier foods. If more people wanted them they may end up being cheaper.

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