Should organizers of segregated proms face prison time?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Yes They Should

    I can't believe segregated proms are still allowed. And by law they aren't. The US Department of Justice has recognized these as illegal and against federal civil rights law. It's just not being enforced. Congress should pass an enforcement mandate against racial segregation, particularly in public facilities and put teeth in it by promising prison sentences to those involved in organizing segregation. I would not apply this to private clubs, just public facilities and private businesses serving the public.

  • Look at it this way.

    I am not racist. I am going to start with that. But any thing that is privately owned should be allowed to do what it wants to. If I owned a business and did not want to hire a person because the dressed a certain way or looked a certain way, I should be allowed to do so without the government telling me I am wrong. It is my property, let me do as I choose on it.

  • If public yes, otherwise...

    People have the right to assemble with whomever they like, and if they want a prom that is segregated (or anyother event for that matter) it is their right to do so. However unless that hatred is paid for by Uncle Sam or anyother form of government this discrimination should be dealt with, unlike what they have done with the Boy Scouts of America.

  • Prison won't make a difference.

    Okay, segregated proms are archaic and offensive. They should not exist, and anyone attending them should be ashamed of themselves. But should we imprison the organizers of these proms? Absolutely not. If this is referring to that rural town in south Georgia, it was my understanding that these events were privately organized. They were not sponsored by the school in anyway. If that is indeed the case, then you can't stop someone from organizing and funding their own party. I congratulate those four young woman for throwing their own non-segregated event. I hope it is very successful and no one goes to the segregated ones. Not having anyone come to your party is punishment enough and is more likely to end the existence of segregated proms than putting people in prison.

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