Should original rock music be called classic just because it's old?

Asked by: Jzmn282
  • Not definitively, but plausible.

    When looking towards the actual definition of classical we see it fit as long established, or considered an exemplary standard of proceedings. Relatively looking at the past. Though this resolution is asking for a highly speculative subjective view, being objective is a must. And when asked should it be called classic because its old, looking towards what's its asking based on the definition that it provides for itself it can fall under that category due to its broad definition that can expand. It fits that definition and upholds what is being asked. If you look towards my definitions provided through a span or period of time original rock music fits that description. Original has the root word "origin" so some sort of beginning. It is like setting a precedent, it's tough and speculative, but definitely plausible by upholding to what its asking through the definitions.

  • It's original not classic

    Just because music is old doesn't mean it's classic. I believe adding the word classic to something means that it's like peaceful or less hardcore. I can't believe they consider bands like Kiss and Metallica to be classic rock! They aren't classic at all, they're just the original rock artists.

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