• The Orlando killer's wife should be prosecuted

    The Orlando killer's wife should be prosecuted. It appears she know quite about about the tragic events ahead of time, but she did not alert authorities. There were news reports that he told her of the attack, but she did not tell anyone. The latest evidence shows he was texting her.

  • The Orlando killer's wife should be prosecuted for any involvement.

    The wife of the Orlando killer should be prosecuted if found to have any knowledge of her husband's intentions to commit the crime. She has already admitted to going with him to several locations and was supposedly messaging him during the shooting. If she had known that her husband intended to harm anyone, she was negligent in not alerting authorities and should be charged as an accessory to the crime.

  • Is there doubt that she should be?

    The wife of Omar Mateen was fully cognizant of his opinions of the LGBT community and the plans he had to commit a mass-murder. She was conversing with him before the situation occurred, and she was, again, cognizant of the situation at hand and made no attempt to contact authorities. She was not actively shooting the club-goers at Pulse, but she was still harboring information that would have saved 50 lives.

    She not only helped to keep it concealed, but she obtained ammunition for his deed and kept down whatever suspicion there was of his attack. Therefore, there is zero reasonable doubt in this case and she should be prosecuted under heavy charges.

  • Yes, prosecution leads to more justice for the ones who have passed away.

    The Orlando killer's wife played as much of a role in the shooting at Pulse nightclub as the shooter himself. Although she claimed to have tried to stop him, she assisted in the process of obtaining the necessary items, such as ammo, to help him carry out the act. She also failed to notify police or any type of law enforcement to alert them that her husband was going to commit such an act or was even thinking about committing this crime. Therefore, she is as much a threat to society as the shooter himself and should be prosecuted to bring some justice for the ones who lost their lives that night and the families they leave behind.

  • Too soon to tell.

    According to the article, they are still investigating. At this point, it is hard to say if she had anything to do with it. So she went with him to pick up ammo. Big deal, I went with a lot of people to pick up ammo before. That does not mean I would know exactly what they plan to do with it. It also says that she drove with him as he cased the place. If her part of it was that she was in the car as he drove by, I still don't see a problem. She may not have even known that is what was happening. To her, it may have just been another building they had driven past.
    Here is the thing. Even if he had told her exactly what he was going to do, that doesn't mean she would have taken it seriously. If he did say those things, she may have thought he was just blowing off steam. People do say some pretty bad things when their mad but most of the time, they never actually think they will do them. There is also the fact that this is her husband. She could have just been in denial. Look at so many women who never notice their husband is cheating on them even tho to everyone else it is obvious. So far, I think it is reasonable to think that she never expected him to actually kill anyone, but who knows, maybe something will turn up that shows otherwise. It's just too soon to tell.

  • Orlando killer's wife should not be persecuted

    The Orlando massacre was one of the worst mass shooting in United States history, the shooter had many potential problems including guilt, indoctrination, and mental instability. His wife and family however did not know about this part of his life and were shocked at the events that unfolded that day. It is unfair to convict them of the killer's crime.

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