• Yes, they should.

    Democracy is very important and useful to the world. It gives people a voice and freedom. Rule from only a small group or a single person does not let the peoples voice be heard. I believe it would be better for all people if every country adopted democracy, people would live better lives.

  • Yes, it would be better for their citizens.

    I believe the Western concept of democracy would work well for other countries, provided elections were not "fixed". I believe the concept of democracy would be welcomed by the citizens of many countries even though their current ruling regimes would disagree. If allowed to work, democracy would bring a new way of life to many who have been oppressed.

  • Yes, the west has the best democracies.

    This isn't an insult to nations like Japan and South Korea, who are culturally and socially and economically great places to be, but the western countries tend to do democracy best. There is more equality and more opportunity and more freedom of speech. You can pursue your dreams more in western nations.

  • No, I do not think other countries should follow the Western concept of democracy.

    Other countries around the world should be able to implement their own version of a government and social structure that suits their cultures and believes. The only thing that should be adhered to is giving all citizens the same equal rights and opportunities. I think that as long as principles are based on a good sense of morals, then there are all sorts of democracies that would work.

  • No,other countries should not follow the western concept of democracy.

    Democracy works differently in different cultures.This is why western style democracy doesn't necesarily work for countries outside of the westerm area.because they do not know what to expect or how to go about setting up their own democracies in ways that best suit their needs to build an alternative stable government.

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