Should other countries have a say in U.S. Presidential elections?

  • 100% no! Impressive

    Does it then follow that America should not attempt to influence the rule of other countries? Yes it does. There is no reason why any country should have a say in the election of any other country. No reason why any country should pay another country to change its government or to maintain a government that would otherwise fail. No reason why one country should covertly support/train/arm rebels to overthrow legitimate governments in other countries. America has been paranoid about terrorism for many decades. Sadly, now it has good reason to. The world has had enough of the world police and it is pushing back. Regrettably it is pushing back hard. Peace America. Peace for you. Peace from you

  • Why would they?

    They do not live here, they are not paying any taxes, they should not have any say what so ever in our presidential election. If other countries did have a say, then that would pretty much just be giving them more unnecessary power which they honestly do not need. We don't have a say in their presidential elections, so they shouldn't have one in ours.

  • No, U.S. Presidential elections should be decided only by American citizens

    I don't believe that other countries should have a hand in U.S. Presidential elections because it would be highly likely that they would attempt to influence the election to further their ambitions. I feel that no one who isn't a U.S. citizen should have a say in any election held within the United States.

  • No other countries should not have a say in U.S. Presidential elections

    Why should they? Do they live here? Do they pay money to our government? What right do they have to tell us who our next President should be? Would they like it if we tried to decide a major election for them? I somehow don't think they would.

    So no, other countries should not have a say in our Presidential elections, absolutely not. We live here and have a stake in the outcome directly, so we should be the ones decide, not those who do not.

  • No - it's OUR Country!

    Other countries should not have a say in our elections. Why should they? It’s OUR country, we fought for the right to be an independent nation. The last time I checked, we didn’t get a say in other countries and their elections, so why would we open that policy to others now?

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