• This is an update on the crisis.

    I just heard today May 2nd 2014 that U.S. troop are in Poland doing exercises and will support Ukranine incase Russia invades. Other countries are also ready to jump in if Russia Does so. This is a bit ahead of Crimea but if others look at this they will know whats up.

  • Putin needs to be stopped.

    Vladimir Putin is a former KGB agent who is hellbent on recreating as much of the Soviet Union as possible. It's in the best interest of the international community to send troops (or "peacekeepers" if that makes you feel better) into Crimea. This fool is going to trigger World War III if we don't put him down now.

  • Yes, NATO should send troops.

    I think NATO should send troops in as peacekeepers. I think several member nations should volunteer forces trained to keep the peace without becoming the aggressors. The world needs for this not to escalate to a full blown military offensive mounted by Russia. I think there are countries hoping this will happen and will use it as an opening.

  • Are you blind people?

    Crimea is now considered a russian territory and do you think that russia will just let foreighn troops on their land. Giving the fact that russian have more nuclear warheads than any country in the world, don't you thing the're going to use it. Open your eyes. If any foreighn force lande on crimea, you're looking at a possible world war 3

  • Good luck with that:

    Russia would never allow foreign troops, into Crimea at this point, the Russians now consider Crimea to be part of the Russian Federation any attempt to send troops will either be peacefully turned back or turned back with force.

    As for Eastern Ukraine, Ukraine has an army let them secure there own borders. But the simple fact is if Russia wants Ukraine, they are capable of taking at any time all they have to do is move their troops across the border.

    If Diplomacy fails we could end up with the 3rd world war.

  • Countries send troops and/or peacekeepers to the Crimea region

    No other countries Should not send troops and/or peacekeepers to the Crimea region. It is their fight and we need to butt out and stop being involoved in every little thing that happens in this world. Most people when they start a fight need to find their own way out of it eventually.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe other countries should send troops and/or peacekeepers to the Crimea region. Russia is protecting their interests with the ports in Ukraine. Russia is a world power and they should be allowed to protect their interests because other powerful countries are allowed to protect their interests. The world should stay out of this issue.

  • No, other countries should not send troops to the Crimea.

    While it is a violation of international law for Russia to take over the Crimean peninsula, other countries should not send peacekeepers to the region. Instead, the United Nations should mandate the instant initiation of peace talks and sanctions to convince the Russians to withdraw from the region, even though many Crimeans are Russians in terms of culture.

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