Should other countries take military action against stopping the war in Syria?

Asked by: LukeMckeown
  • Yes, Good idea

    Yes because when people sign up for the military, it's their choice. Not other peoples'. When people sign up for the military, they are signing up to protect their country. But they know that they could still go over to other countries and fight for what's right. So yes. If people signed up for the military, they should be willing to over there without other people deciding when or why they should go over and help fight for what's right.

  • Such a bad idea.

    I wouldn't even think of anything greater to do than leave the nation of Syria alone. The United States, or any other nation, especially the United States has caused nothing but trouble for the people in the Middle East. Even though the United States agenda is to spread democracy and protect the citizens of other nations, it is not our duty to fight other people's wars. This, as I have seen in other arguments, an internal struggle. And if you look throughout American history, you will see the problems we and other nations have caused to so many people. Syria is in a state of failure. The government is nothing, but a ignorant dictator trying to control the populace with an Iron Fist. The rebels are fighting against him with all their might, and the damn Islamic State (ISIS) is budging in and wreaking everything even further. Another nation to fight is just another problem for the rebels who do not want a US or UN to budge in to and try to set things straight. If the rebels truly seek freedom and control over their own government, then they will keep fighting. The Syrian regime will implode on itself and the rebels either take control or ISIS does. And if the people like ISIS then let them be controlled by ISIS. My point is, Syria doesn't need another Iraq, and if we budge in, I just know we will take advantage of the new "democratic" regime.

  • Everyone Should Leave Syria Alone

    Syria's civil war is an internal struggle of the nation's residents against a despotic ruler. No one should get directly involved in Syria because the situation could quickly escalate to a regional conflict followed by World War III. The best policy is to leave well enough alone and offer humanitarian assistance rather than military aid.

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