• Greece's economy should receive assistance from other nations.

    With the world economy becoming more and more linked and interconnected, when one nation suffers economically, it will eventually spread to other nations. Greece, part of the EU, should receive assistance and help with fixing their economic troubles to ensure a healthy economy for Greece and other European Union countries.

  • The EU is a cooperative network.

    If the EU is to be a cooperative network of countries with a group GDP, then that network is responsible for the behavior and productivity of all members. The best question would be HOW to help Greece. Giving them money isn't the way to help a welfare economy like Greece's. Changing their methods is what is required.

  • Greece is part of the EU which is based on cooperation.

    As a member of the economic community in Europe and a member of the European Union then other countries have an obligation to help their country in times of difficulty. Furthermore, it is in their national interest to do so. As a member of the Eurozone, the Greek economy is financially important for Europe's economy as a whole.

  • No, each country should take responsibility for itself

    No, it should not be the responsibility of other countries to help Greece. Each country has it's own problems to contend with without adding more responsibilities to the list. I believe that if a country is willing to help then it is fine, but they shouldn't feel obligated to help unless they had a prior agreement with Greece to offer help in such situations.

  • It's their problem.

    It shouldn't be up to other countries to sort out what is going on in Greece. They need to fix their economy and all their other problems themselves. Time to put on the big girl pants and find some solutions. It's not up to other countries to fix their problems.

  • Responsible... No. Helpful... Yes.

    Greece is a nation just like any other. All the workings of their nation are their responsibility to manage in any manner they see fit. If foreign nations want to assist Greece, they can. BUT in the end Greece is responsible for its own house. If they cannot handle that responsibility to the point were foreign nations need to run the country for them, then they don't deserve to run it.

    You are the master of your own house so long as you can maintain it. If you can't do that, then the person who does maintain it is the new master.

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