Should other retailers follow Costco's lead and raise their minimum wage?

  • Retailers are far beind in paying employees

    I think retailers in general need to raise their wages for employees, and minimum wage would be a starting point for doing that. I have heard so many horrible and unfair stories from employees of major retailers, and I for one know that the employees at costco always seem friendly and I think part of that is because they don't feel like a slave.

  • Minumum wage is not enough anymore

    Ultimately, I think it would be great if companies would take the initiative to increase their own minimum wages. Unfortunately, this isn't always going to happen, and then I believe the government needs to step in. The federal minimum wage isn't enough anymore, and the unskilled workers need more to get by. More money paid to workers means more money being pumped into the economy, and more money being spent in these businesses. It's a win-win for all.

  • Costco is leading the way in its payment scheme

    More employers should follow Costco's lead in raising minimum wages. There are benefits, such as increased worker retention, and better service for customers. If Costco's soaring profits are any indication, this retailer making positive change, and is doing something right. The reputation of retail workers is more favorable in the long term. Wages do not have to be low for a company to earn profit.

  • Costco taking the lead

    Although CostCo have made a big step forward and taking the lead in raising their minimum wage, I do not feel that this is necessarily a good idea across the board. Not all retailers have the advantage of such efficient economies of scale and imposing a wage rise to them may have unexpected consequences.

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