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Should others be allowed to refuse service to homosexuals?

Asked by: Bitch_Goddess
  • Legally, yes. However rude it is still legal.

    If businesses lose the right to refuse service towards a certain group it could lead to more problems. It's very rude but it is legal to refuse service, and the government shouldn't be able to force someone to provide a service. To force someone to render service is downright slavery no matter the reason. If someone will not serve someone based on sexual orientation then those who arent served should support a competitor and take their business elsewhere.

  • It's Called Freedom

    If you don't want todo soemthing, you don't have to do it. I'm not saying that no one should o anything nice to the LGBT comunity but people should have th erigh tto chose if they want to be good people or not. If we take that freedom away where will it stop? Will we start to force christans to start thinking that homosexuality isn't a sin? Where does the line of making people be nicer stop and start?

  • Depends on the service.

    There are many situations where it may not be appropriate to give a certain service to someone based on certain criteria. For example, religious people should not be forced to do or say anything that would support homosexuality. As in the case that some pointed out in Con. Other situations arise with prostitution in Las Vegas, a prostitute can refuse to service a homosexual and same with heterosexuals. In certain plays or what not, a heterosexual person may be needed to fill a certain role.

    In Prisons it is very valid to refuse a transvestite a job, after all, even if the transvestite is considered "female" they cannot have certain jobs residing in the female section of the prison. Same for Females who think they are male, they can't do certain jobs in the male district.

  • It CAN be legal to refuse

    In my general opinion homosexuality is considered a mental illness because we as human are originally born with only two sexual organs thus a third one absolutely does not exist. All of human beings aren't born perfect, all have strength and flaws. Homosexuality is an example of a flaw which CAN be fixed. What i want to underline is that who would, any of you normal people, want to marry a gay guy? In other worlds, who would want to fall in love with a person who has mental illness?

  • Churches don't have to

    I think that religious institutions don't have to give marriage services, It goes against their institution is the first place. Businesses, I don't know what to choose because yes they should service them but at the same time if it goes against their religion, especially small business where the owner is very close to the issue, then you shouldn't

  • There's more to it...

    Can I just say Bonus66 is a troll or absolute moron before I begin? Good. I think it's important that sexual identity remains equal with religious identity. You can't make a muslim design something for you which denounces Islam. You don't go up to a jew in order to have your 'Jesus Christ' shirt made. You respect their views, because they are just as sacred as sexuality.

    If a company denies service to too many people they will simply fail. Let society run its course.

  • Yes we should be able to refuse service to people who we do not feel morally alright to serve

    If I don't want to serve you because I believe that homosexuality is a sin and against my religion, I should have the right to refuse certain services such as wedding services and if I don't want to serve you it's my loss of business because there is probably someone who is perfectly alright to serve you on a moral level

  • Yes, why not?

    People can CHOOSE, simple as that, it's not illegal so I don't know why people are arguing. You chose to be homosexual, that's not illegal, we choose to follow our instinct or belief so, therefore, do not welcome you.

    People are really stupid tbh, We aren't forcing you to become straight, we just don't feel uncomfortable around you. Don't force us either, Call us heartless and discriminative but we just do we and we don't align with homoseuals... That's all.

  • You can bring a horse to water, but you can't make it drink

    To do so is immoral but it is the decision of the owner to service whomever they wish. I believe the only way to stop discrimination is to ameliorate the culture, not change the law, you can tell people what they can't do, but what they think and feel is beyond the control of anybody.

  • It is an individual's right to run ONE'S OWN business as they like.

    It SHOULD not be done by an employee of an owner/proprietor has every right to run their business as they wish. An individual has one of the most basic rights of choice of action. IF it hurts business, so be it. If it makes the operator feel righteous, so be it.

  • Do your job

    If your job requires you to provide certain services to the public, then you are obligated to do that, no matter what group the person or people in question belong to. If your job is to provide marriage licenses, then it is your duty to do so, and that includes homosexual couples. And if it is your job to bake wedding cakes for couples, then you must do so also, and to gay couples, too. To deny gay couples a marriage license or wedding cake(as certain people have done) because you claim and/or believe homosexual marriage is forbidden in the Bible is equivalent to not allowing someone to eat candy because you're on a diet.

  • It's blatant discrimination, period.

    If we allow people to be discriminated based on sexual orientation, who's to say we won't allow people to be discriminated based on personal decisions and choices? What people do with their personal lives is of no concern to yours. If you are doing a job and all-of-a-sudden decide to stop doing the said job because a gay man or lesbian woman walks up to you and you may believe homosexuality is "wrong", who are you to say/do that? What happens in their personal lives is none of your concern. If they have trained to do a job and do that job for others, then the matter of sexual orientation is not for you to judge them by and is in no way something someone should be discriminated against for.

  • It's just dicrimination

    Using "religious ideologies" to blatantly discriminate against someone in a public environment is by no means a sufficient cause for justification. What is the difference between some Christian guy not baking a cake for a gay individual and me starting a cult where blacks, latinos, gays, women, etc. are all viewed as inferior and if I do a favor towards them I go to eternal damnation? Where do you draw the line at what is "sufficient justification"? That's right you can't, consequently, religion shouldn't be justification in the first place, what did you expect to happen when you decided to serve the public? Serving the public means you have to be ready to serve everyone. Otherwise, you should've picked a different job.

    Also, is it just me, or is it hilarious how religion preaches compassion yet people of religion discriminate against others.

    But hey, picking another job shouldn't be that bad since pretty much all religions are against the accumulation of wealth and since you are suuuuuch a narrow-minded follower, you shouldn't have any problem with that anyway.

  • More than money may be at stake.

    If one kind of business (say, a bakery) is allowed to refuse service because they have the right to refuse service to anyone they want for any reason, then all businesses have to be given the same treatment. If one is allowed to, then it sets a precedent for all others. But what if that business provides something that a person absolutely needs?

    For example, I saw a news story a while ago about a paediatrician who refused to care for a baby because her adoptive parents were lesbians. Sure, they could probably find another paediatrician, but every other one would be theoretically allowed to do the same thing. And what if the paediatrician in question had been the only one nearby who had the specific skill set to care for their daughter's needs? What about schools/universities, or grocery stores, or landlords? Should they also be allowed to do the same thing, even if it would seriously damage a gay person's quality of life?

    It shouldn't be allowed because there's a risk of gay people being cut off from essential services or goods just because of who they are.

  • If you think this, than you have the most broken moral compass ever!

    This is kind of similar to refusing service to a Muslim, African American, or anyone else! How would you like to be refused just because you were a Christian or Jew. Pretty bad right? Well try to show a hell of alot more compassion than you already are! The Golden Rule is "Treat Others the Way You Want To Be Treated" or are all of you just stubborn and single-minded!?!

  • They are who they are

    They are homo-sexual yes but that means nothing they are still human. I thought America was a free country, but if people have the right to do that then America is not a free country like it is said to be. People are suppose to be free not imprisoned. This is wrong so if you say yes shame on you. And don't be mad that i'm saying shame on you cause you deserve it because that's wrong.

  • No obvioulsy no

    I believe at this time if it is 'OK' in some sense to discriminate people of different race by not serving them then people themselves who are gay should be able to refuse service, maybe if you stop other discrimination then people like me will stop this sort of discrimination!

  • Uh Obviously no.

    I support lots of more conservative esc ideas but when it comes to discrimination i think its insane, seriously the last thing that matters is race and gender, and sexuality, it should be illegal to refuse service because of a sexuality just likes it illegal to refuse service because of someone's race.

  • Stop the pattern of justifying discrimination

    People should be able to do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t harm others, mentally or physically. A simple policy and refusing service to other people is harmful. Although it is only a hypothetical situation in this context. Issues like this don’t stay hypothetical and allowing discrimination only makes the problem worse. Although people may be uncomfortable with homosexuality, there was a time when we felt the exact same way about people of color, some still feel that way. We as a society have attempted to avoid blatant racism and if the question was one such as “Can people refuse service to others if they’re white?” There would be plenty of comments about why anyone would ask such a question. However you feel about homosexuality, refusing service to anyone is discrimination and shouldn’t be justifiable by any means.

  • This is hilarious... No.

    LOL. It's not okay, of course discrimination and homophobia is wrong, we know that. Why would I refuse someone service because of their sexual orientation? I couldn't give two fucks what you like. It is NOT your 'right' to discriminate another person, absurd. It's their choice though, I guess they don't like money.

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Bitch_Goddess says2017-10-21T03:46:29.927
I am going to stop replying to the negative comments (as in those in the 'yes' category) unless I just find it hysterical. Its clear people like that will never understand that discrimination through a race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. is not okay, and never will be. Saying "but it's my right" is quite possibly the saddest thing I've ever seen come from another human being. We all have the right to be assholes, doesn't mean we should be.