• Greatest statesman that could have prevented wwi

    His foreign policies of different approach maintained peace and the stability of The German Empire and the concert of Europe. He had warned Kaiser Wilhelm II about the dangers of improvising policies and had predicted wwi would “come out of some damned foolish thing in the Balkans”. He even predicted the downfall that would come 20 years after his departure, to which he was accurate almost to the day.

  • A real outstanding Hero of history

    Heros of history are people who have done great deeds in the past which have made a significant positive changing or event in the history. If there had not been not him, the chaos would has burnt Europe. And he is the reason why Germany is now a unified country as nowaday. This is one of the greatest thing in the history. While the many caused the war to conquer the others in order to satisfie the thurst for power, he used yhe war to unify country.

  • Bismarck was a successful leader

    Otto von Bismarck led his people with esteem and vigor. His leadership not only inspired the Prussians to win on the field of battle, but his political tenacity was memorialized later. The Germans made a world class battleship that went on to continue to carry the name Bismarck into the record books. Bismarck united Germany, and should be recognized for that.

  • Yes, I believe Otto von Bismarck should be viewed as a hero of history.

    Otto Von Bismarck did many great things in his time as Chancellor of Germany, he controlled Germany with an iron fist and was able to unify the Germanic states together and most importantly promoted peace in Europe. I think history can easily look favorably upon Otto Von Bismarck when looking back.

  • Prussian Statesman Saved Europe

    Otto von Bismarck was a Prussian statesman who helped save much of Europe from devolving into war before World War I. He is a hero of history even if his methods weren't popular with everyone. Had Bismarck not interceded, the entire continent might have been in a constant state of war for a century.

  • Yes he should

    Yes, I do think that this man needs to be viewed as a hero of the history of this world. I think that he has done a lot of good for the people that were alive back in his day, and I think that we could learn a lot from him.

  • Bismarck was an oppressor

    Bismarck persecuted Catholics and Poles, Tried to suppress the socialist movement and manipulated parliamentary parties no end. He even forced the King William I to agree to things by threatening to resign. Furthermore, The stability he maintained in Europe was not sustainable once he was no longer in power - as the Guardian put it, He had built a racing car only he could drive.

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  • A Good Leader

    I believe the title of hero is actually very fleeting. We give it to people who save one life, not millions. Otto von Bismarck is realized as a peace keeper and he was an excellent leader. I think it is more important to remember for those qualities and not the generic term of hero.

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