Should our children go to school on public holidays?

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  • No school on holidays

    It's wrong to take children away from their families and the holiday for the sake of school.

    Even if they were forced to go to school, I can imagine that many many parents will be let their child stay home.

    On something like Christmas, having to go to school will take out all the special meaning of the holiday

  • Life's too short!

    Kids should not have to go to school on the holidays! It is certainly not fair on the kids. Kids have a life you know! They should spend time it their families at home. And don't forget about the teachers. They certainly don't want to teach. They want to spend time with their kids!

  • No they need their family.

    Children should not have to go to school on public holidays not only do kids deserve a break and time to relax and actually get to be a kid, but it allows the family to all be together. Families should be together on holidays so they can go on vacation and enjoy time together.

  • Let children be children.

    Children are forced to grow up too fast as it is. Let children be children. Part of this is allowing them to have a break from school on public holidays. Children need breaks from school where they can enjoy time at home with their family and friends. They will enter the real world all too soon. At that time they will learn just how valuable a day off of work can be. In the meantime, don't make them worry so much about responsibilities. They have a lifetime of that in front of them.

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