• Only if we abolish money.

    The complete abolition of money (thus making the country tax-free) would be a giant leap forward in life, Liberty, Pursuit of happiness, Health, And innovation. So, Yes, The country SHOULD be made tax-free through the abolition of money.

    Without said abolition (or through replacement of money with another faulty system), Tax-free doesn't work very well because it passes the responsibilities onto individuals in communities (because the state can't pay for it without taxes either), And people don't like spending what they don't have: money.

    There can be serious changes to the way taxes are handled that would improve it, Though.

  • Taxation is Theft

    Taxation is theft. If I refuse to pay taxes, I am thrown in a cage, And if I resist, I am killed. A system based on forcing people to give up their money, Is an immoral system, And should be abolished. Consequentially, The system that should be in place is a voluntary system where people either come together and form voluntary governments or go into the open market for security and legal services. If people are willing to pay for it, We do not need taxes to pay for it. Just like the medieval communes, Voluntaryism will provide, And given that we live in a more civilized today, Individuals and security organizations will be more likely to settle their disputes with the least amount of cost possible instead of going into armed feuds. If people are not willing to pay for protection, Then why would we need government to provide? It is not like they want it. Either way, The creation of a state is not justified. Society will outlive taxation, But the state will not. We should most definitely abolish all taxation.

  • Should? Do you mean could? This question is phrased terribly. .

    Of course the US should not be tax free- our social structure is based upon taxation. No tax equals no government, And no laws; anarchy, Only local volunteer governments would exist. The question does not become relevant until it is determined if the country could be tax free. What do you mean by tax free? Income tax, Excise tax, Property tax? Why am I yes? It sounds like an adventure to live in the dark ages. . . . Let's do it and the first people purged can be the ones who ask such poorly thought out questions. . .

  • We can't afford it.

    With no taxes, No public schools would exist, No renovations, No Section 8, No financial aid, No nothing. We can't afford it. The American people paying taxes is not just because the government likes to take our money, It's because it's absolutely necessary for our country to function as it is supposed to.

  • There are some issues the free market can never fix.

    Education for our whole country, Student loan debt relief, Payment for those running our actual country, A police force. . We couldn't have any of these things without taxes. It would be an anarchy free for all.

    Free trade can provide plenty of jobs and keep the money flowing, But that is it. It cannot solve all the problems like people promised back before the recession hit and student tuition raised through the roof.

    We need taxes, Hands down.

  • We Need Taxes

    Taxes pay for things such as the military and K-12 public education. Without them, Our economy would collapse. Also, Where would we get the money to pay for things such as the military if we decided we didn't want to tax people? Taxes are implemented in every single country for a reason.

  • It won't work

    There is no way being tax free would work for out country, However our taxes could be lower if the government didn't pay for unnecessary expenses. Our schools, Workplaces, Businesses, And more depend on government aid. The U. S. Tax system is already flawed, With no money regulating, It could be a disaster.

  • Roads, Rails, Schools, Hospitals

    We need tax money so our government can provide us roads, High speed rails, A free public education, And better hospitals. On top of that society would collapsed without taxes because there would be no functionality. Trump's tax cut impacted only rich people and obviously himself. His action will lead back to the Depression.

  • Nay to No Taxes

    I second that of @AIRhino's comments. Simply put, The use of taxes is a fundamental necessity for the type of nation the United States of America is. The paved roads we see, And the public schools America's youth attend, These are all funded by tax dollars. If America is to be the nation it rightfully is, Taxes are here to stay.

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