Should our economic systems change according to the fluxuation of our country's economic state?

  • As the state of our economy changes, so do our economic needs.

    There is a natural economic cycle, at different points in this cycle we need different economic systems. When the country is faced with a recession or a depression, it should take more control over different economic aspects of our society, moving more towards communism. This would assure that the economy returns to a healthy rhythm. The people would have less economic responsibility which would regulate inflation/deflation. When the economy grows and starts to run faster, the government should take less control over these same economic aspects as the need for regulation would not be needed as much.

    This would also assure that the natural economic cycle has less highs and lows. Having lower highs may look counter productive but if we look at the past economic cycles, we have seen that really high points in the economy is almost always followed by extremely low points such as a recession or even a depression.

    Changing our economic systems according to the fluxuation of our country's economic state would assure a more stable and healthy economy.

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