Should our elected representatives be allowed to introduce legislature on a subject they know nothing about?

Asked by: Juris_Naturalis
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  • We see this major problem in Congress.

    The majority of the members of Congress' Committee on Science, for example, are grossly ignorant of the topic.
    Todd Akin claimed women's bodies can shut down during "legitimate rape" to prevent pregnancy. Ralph Hall cut billions from scientific funding by tacking that funding onto a provision that would let federal employees view porn at work. Paul Broun claimed evolution, the Big Bang, and embryology were "lies from the pit of hell". Randy Neugebauer drafted a resolution to get Americans to pray for better weather after a series of destructive tornadoes. Jim Sensenbrenner claimed climate change research was a global conspiracy. Sandy Adams tried to get creationism into public schools.
    Not a one of them even understands scientific basics, so how do they get on that Committee?

  • Nope x 3

    I don't think an elected representative should be allowed to introduce legislature on a subject they know nothing about because 1.) You can't take them seriously on the subject and 2.) You have no way of knowing if they law they pass will do any good because they're uneducated in the subject at hand.

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