Should our government have the right to censor song lyrics that it finds too violent or explicit?

  • The Children

    When children are little they have no control over what thier parents listen to. If thier Parents are listeing to violent music they will grow up listeing to it and mostlikely proform those actions and have those motives self conssionsly when they grow up. These children will eventualy be the end to our society we know today.

  • No, because the freedom of speech laws should cover song lyrics.

    I believe our right to freedom of speech must be extended to song lyrics, no matter how explicit or violent they may be, just as that same freedom covers questionable books or publications (such as Hustler magazine). The best way to censor song lyrics is to not support the artist or record label that produces those that are found to be offensive.

    Posted by: IesIComic
  • Censorship

    Violence leads to violence and the more kids to listen to the lyrics, the more violent easily influenced little kids will become. Would you like your little brother or sister, or even your child robbing a store? How about mugging someone? Or how about even raping someone? What about murder?

  • Yes

    Because using such vulgar hateful and dreadful cuss words may cause change to others around you and may cause others to behave aggressively .it may cause adults to use some violent language or behave in such horrible ways .this is an assignment for language arts .

  • Yes, the Government should pass a law to censor song lyrics

    The first amendment i.e. the right of free speech was intended for the betterment of humanity. It was intended to help the U.S. Citizen (personally, at a fundamental level this right applies to every human being on this planet...The political and national laws around the world have not evolved and matured to grant this right to all of its citizens) to overcome their limitations, to be a better person, to be the voice against immoral, unjust and unscrupulous behaviors or practices that deter human progress towards usefully contributing to this planet. While one should be free to explore and express one's creativity to achieve this objective, there is an implicit expectation to use the freedom of speech for the betterment of this country and the planet at large.

    During the pre-adult stage, minds are capable of being moulded and affected by their surroundings. This is a HARD FACT - physical, neurological, biological. Period! Their minds are still developing. In the present age, information is more accessible than in the past. Having said that, they do not have the intellectual capacity or the emotional maturity to process the violent or explicit lyrics especially when the CONTEXT is unclear. CONTEXT MATTERS HUGELY! It may be a turn-on in a playful/erotic sense to a healthy adult. Conversely, an adult who's mental or emotional faculties are not developed can be adversely affected and hence, at risk as well. At the very least, as a first step, just like we have a rating guide for categorizing movies, a similar guide can be adopted for music lyrics.

    Also as an aside, the use of profanity in lyrics largely seems to be a crisis of the artists'/writer's imagination. So they need to exercise a lot more thought/judgment and be more socially and morally aware of the impact their work has on their audience, especially, since 1) This platform inherently cannot control the demo-graph of its audience and 2) Has a Global Reach.

    Ultimately, the government can play a huge role by introducing censorship as a means of regulating and raising the bar for an artists's creativity - to ensure that they are putting out expressions of creativity that are educating and entertaining with the underlying and all-encompassing motto of uplifting humanity.

  • Not Appropriate Or Necessary

    Songs with bad lyrics are not appropriate and no one would find interest! And how necessary is it?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Yes they should!

    The government is doing a bad job of censoring song lyrics. Kids have bad thoughts after hearing bad language in a song. The government should have the right to control when a certain song plays. If this trend continues, children will end up using bad language in their future life.

  • Lyrics corrupt minds

    They should have a team of at least ten people who censor the lyrics that go on the radio. The CD's should be available for those who chose to buy them. The radio, media and television should be censored at all times. Kids don't know better if they are not taught. If that's all they hear on the radio then that's what they will become use to and may think it is "ok".

  • Music, our generation, and my thoughts

    Music plays a huge part of society. People have gotten their famous "twerk" and "wobble" from these songs. Behind these fun dances, there is very explicit content. The content usually expresses sexual behavior, getting high, self-consciousness, and other things. For example, "Kill Yourself" a song by the artists S.O.T. The title says it all for itself. Kill yourself? Our generation should not have to listen to this type of music. This song is not just played out, but is just ONE example of music that affects our generation in the future. I believe parents should monotor their childs music, though. Publicly, we shouldn't have to listen to this music. If my child is innocently listening to the radio, they shouldn't have to change the song, but we can not do that, do to the fact that swearing and "explicit" views come up. I am about 70% for the censorship of music, but in a degree.

  • Violent and demeaning content deteriorates a civil society

    I understand freedom of speech, but does that translate to freedom to corrupt and damage our youth? Exposure to violence can only create violence and exposure to misogynistic behaviors can only cultivate misogyny. You cannot sensationalize crime. You either approve or you don't. Fiction becomes reality quite easily when you plant seeds in impressionable minds.

  • It should be the parents Decision!!!!!!!

    The parents should be the ones to control what their kids listen to. The government shouldn't censor any lyrics ... The song writers have a thing called... FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! Ever heard of it?? These artists should be able to say what they want to say, if you don't like it then DONT LISTEN TO IT!!! Its plain and simple!

  • Free to Choose

    In the constitution we are given the freedom of speech, this lets us say what we want. However what we want may not be good for us, we still have that choice. Guiding people to choose is more correct, than saying what we can or can't do, create a rating-system.

  • Make Your Own Decisions!!!

    I think that its people's choice to what music they listen to. Like for an example if I were to like Rock N' Roll and someone told me I can't listen to it and instead I have to listen to Country Music, I would hate that. It's like come on people Freedom of Speech!!!

  • Keep Censoring On The Radio

    In the car we now have the capability to plug or blue-tooth our smartphones, iPod, or other mp3 devices. With this freedom anyone who would want to listen to the censored version can listen to the music broadcasting station on their. Good music is anything the user/listener enjoys, if a someone from any age group finds a beat that's their pace that they enjoy what's to stop them even if Our government says NO. If people are determined they will find a way, so why are we trying to pain others by censoring songs that you don't even listen to. So all those yeses out there you're probably voting just because you don't like the music your bullies so you vote for what you don't like but as you can see the 79-21 its not working very well for you

  • It is just wrong

    Why should an artist, who has spent their hard earned cash on this, have to give up what they feel is music, just to please the government. It is shocking and needs to come to an end. This is my opinion because I feel Eminem should have a choice to what he writes

  • Threat of proaganda

    Government could take a tune from a song and put whatever they want. During election season we could hear vote vote vote instead of baby baby baby. If government had that power it would eventually be missused. To give government that much power is like saying "here take my freedom of speach i don't care"

  • It's rude to the artist

    Did you ever think how the artist feels when their feelings are literally cut from their own songs? No? I didn't think so. How would you feel if you wrote this great poem, and someone read it through and told you that you couldn't read it to anyone because it could be offensive to some people? It takes a lot of work to make songs, who are you to change it from the original?

  • More on Message, Less on Content

    Most people focus to much on the words and less on the actual meaning of the song. Everybody complains about 2 chainz and the fact that he swears in his songs, but what most people don't know is that he has a degree in Literature. Eminem does curse in his songs but they have great meanings in them and everyone complains about that, but do we ever complain about Taylor Swift and ah what is the message in her songs? That she feeling 22 yet she is like 25 years old. So please start thinking more about the message and less on the explicit content.

  • I do not agree with censorship of song lyrics

    The first amendment is the right of free speech, which means that anyone can say anything they like. It may not be appropriate, polite, or honest, but they can still speak it. I don't support "bad" or explicit music, I don't like it or enjoy listening to it. However, I feel that people have a right to do what they want without government interference.

  • the First Amendment.

    It is a direct violation of the first amendment if music that is produced my someone is censored. If a word that you sang out loud is bleeped over or silenced out that is the same thing as saying you are not allowed to say that. I do not believe in censorship.

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Anonymous says2013-03-11T17:42:32.780
I Dont think that the government should cencore your music, itsyour music if tas what you wan to isen to then thats what you want to listen to. we should never et the government try and tell us what we should listen to or watch its our life not theres.