• Save beauty in America

    There are many amazing things in our country, that need to be protected, like old faithful geyser, there are only three geysers like this in the world, or in Yosemite, there are waterfalls that drop hundreds of feet, also the government gets money from national parks, if you get rid of national parks, not only are you destroying wondrous, and great things, but you would be lousing a lot of money

  • Yes, protect our natural wonders

    Once a national park isn't protected and is torn up for oil, building things, or anything else that alters what it naturally is, it's gone and you cannot replicate it. We can't just keep saying "well it's just one park, we have a lot of other ones" and sacrifice natural refuges for a quick cash grab, or eventually we will run out.

  • Our national parks should be protected.

    Our nation's parks should be protected. We are rapidly losing many natural features not only in our nation, but on the entire earth. Soon we will regret our actions. Any action that is an effort towards keeping or restoring the Earth's natural beauty is worth pursuit, and shouldn't be avoided.

  • National Parks Should Be Eliminated

    What a wasteful expenditure of government resources. Taxpayers should be spared the subjection of this atrocity and, instead, our hard earned monies used to support anti-terrorism investigations as well as tax cuts. The world existed just without national parks and it would do the same once again in the future.

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