Should our nation's public schools return to the use of the paddle?

Asked by: HistoryLover555
  • I'm one of those good kids in school

    So I'd say yes just so I can laugh at people who act stupid enough in school to get hit with a paddle.I heard that back in the day the teachers didn't joke around with those things.You could hear a kid getting hit with one of those from across the school.

  • I Support it.

    I believe that our nations public schools should return to paddling students, but mostly as a somewhat last resort, instead of suspending students, because honestly I feel like suspension is like a treat for many of these students. I do believe that parental consent is necessary, as some parents do not believe in the practice or would prefer to deal with the students themselves. I on the other hand believe that it is the schools responsibility to keep students in school and to educate them. Some students only respond to spanking. Far too many parents do not do their jobs in the home, thus sending their kids to school with discipline problems. I believe that a teacher should have the same rights when it comes to discipline as the parents do. In order to operate a classroom, a teacher needs to be able to keep control of their class. Although, I do believe that there are more stellar methods that can be used to control a classroom, what I am saying is that paddling should be used in very serious cases and should at least be an option instead of suspending students and sending them home (unless it is parental choice that students be sent home and not subjected to Corporal Punishment). And lastly, caution needs to be taken when administering this form of punishment. We need to be sure that we are not spanking the kids too hard and we need to realize when enough is enough (such as not getting ourselves carried away with the amount of swats we give the students).

  • Yeah I'm not for getting slapped with a wood paddle...

    I mean think is'nt that a tad bit violent? Maybe we could resort to your liberal viewpoint and be courteous in the punishments at the same time. Like seclusion no kid likes being alone right?
    Or Extra homework etc.. Or in fact my favorite humiliation in front of the class.

  • Of course not!

    The public schools are supposed to be a safe environment where children are able to learn and teachers are able to teach peacefully. The school environment should be a safe one, and a friendly one,too. Creating that kind of environment would not benefit the children's learning, It wouldnt spark the creativeness, friendliness, social interaction, and individualness in a school. Also, most parents would not stand for their children to be treated like that.

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  • Kids should not get spanked

    That's horrible! Only their parents are allowed to spank or hit their kids. How would you feel if you heard that your kid got hit by their teacher. All of my teachers don't need to do that and never would do that. Just suspend the kid if it's that bad!

  • Physical punishment should left up to the parents

    No, I do not believe that in today's society the paddle in school would be efficient. This is based on the students and the teachers behaviors over current years. There have a large amount of violence from students and some actions from teachers that were moral unacceptable. So with that in mind, I do not be think the paddle should return.

  • No way man

    People at schools can't be hit with a paddle no more because that was old times and it also hurts bad and being hit with a paddle is not cool and not friendly. One the school can use the paddle for no reason. Two we don't use paddles no more

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