• Yes! We need planet rights for all people and the united nations should vote for these rights and enforce them.

    I strongly agree that the Planet's people should have rights...Not the planet itself. By promoting rights for all people of earth you are promoting diversity and integrity as well as individuality and establishing a trust and well being of other human beings. Yes ! We need rights for all people of the planet today!

  • As human beings, we have the right to flourish. With rights comes a certain amount of responsibility.

    The sooner we admit to ourselves (and that becomes reflected in legislation) that our species, along with all the others we share this planet with, will have a very hard time (or impossible, unless we hurry up with the business of exploiting and plundering other planets) flourishing if our environment is dying, the better.

    I think it's time to face up to the challenge and to demand that our leaders do so too, it's time to think about what this generation is leaving as its legacy for the one to follow. I often wonder what our children will make of the fact that we knew the environment was in peril, that we had the facts, that we had the resources to lead more sustainable lives, but that we chose not to. The lack of political will, the lack of urgency, I must say I find it chilling.

    "This environment, this earth, must therefore become our priority- as without it- everything else (including us) becomes irrelevant."


  • What question is this?

    Is the planet, or any part of the Universe except humans, a moral agent? Obviously, it's not. So it has no rights. Furthermore, planet Earth has not a free will neither. So this question really does not make any sense. It is really too obvious. What might the right of a planet be? That of quitting its rotation whenever it *wants*? But the planet has no will, no free will, and then no rights.

  • This doesn't even make sense

    Earth is literally just a hunk of rock floating around a huge ball of fire in space. If you where to say should animals have rights? Then maybe. Plant rights? Probably not. But planet rights? No the only reason earth is of any significance is because we live on it and its the only evidence of life in the universe so far. It doesn't need rights.

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