Should our taxes pay for criminals' comforts, such as television computers, etc.?

  • Some things yes, other things no.

    That's the sort of question that can divide a person, you know. I have no problem with putting computers in prison with some heavily filtered Internet access. If we're going to be reform minded about prisoners, access to learning materials should be allowed. But if they want comforts like TVs in their cells, they can work to pay for their own.

  • All for Rehab

    If criminials can have things to rehabiliate them and make them better citizens when they are released from prison than I am all for it, because they did do the crime but they are still alive and humans, and sometimes people can see a program on tv that can change their lives.

  • Prisoners do not deserve to live nicely they are there to be punished.

    Prisoners are all there for a crime. It make be murder, Drugs, Robbing, Etc. None of that matters in this situation. What matters is that they are there to learn a lesson and serve their time they should not get to have rewards like that because criminals also will not care if they go to jail because they get stuff like that.

  • First hand knowledge

    We live in criminal central. Have a murderer for a neighbor, as well as thieves, etc..Etc.. Etc.. The mommy there harbors them and seems as if she "gets off" on having that scum around. The rest of the neighborhood here are basically prisoners without being criminals. And we the taxpayers pay for it. Why??? This family has lots of "toys" scooters and trucks and such. At any given time there are 10 vehicles in the driveway and it is all they do. Not to mention breed beyond belief. They raise those kids in that enviornment and guess who is paying to raise those kids a s well?? We the taxpayers. They know the system and know we are fools why they can get away with whatever they choose. It is all about working the system and destroying whoever they can in whatever way(s) they can. I'm fed up and tired of it! Never having been arrested, or in trouble with the law other than a ticket or two, why am I and those in the neighborhoods where these thugs work us over be the ones put into prison without being criminals? Things drastically need to change!!

  • Some but not a lot.

    Prisoners do need to know that there is life on the other side and if they reform their behavior, that they can be apart of that society. Part of that is having a television and internet to see what the outside world is up to. However, there should not be a lot of comforts.

  • Prisoners shouldn't have freebies

    If a person is in prison then it has been determined they committed a crime. They should not be rewarded for their bad behavior with television and computer access, especially when many Americans do not have televisions or computers in their homes. If taxes go to provide every American home with computers and cable television, then and only then should we consider putting the extra taxes towards prison televisions and computers.

  • No It Should Not

    I do not believe taxes should pay for criminals comforts, such as television or computers. I do not believe criminals should have access to these items at all, rather they foot the bill for them or not. Prison is meant to be a punishment, not an apartment building. They shouldn't have comforts, other than a decent bed and a clean toilet.

  • Prisoners have it too easy

    In many prisons the tvs and computers are not bought with tax dollars, but by the inmates themselves and through donations. There is no good reason we should subsides any kind of lifestyle in prison. Prison sentences should be arduous, but shorter. I think it might go a long way towards actual rehabilitation.

  • My tax money shouldn't pay for criminals' comforts.

    I believe that criminals should only be provided the bare
    minimums. I do believe that there should
    be a television in every module or section of a prison, because it may
    entertain the inmates and reduce violence.
    But, if criminals want televisions in their cells, they should have to
    buy them.

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