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    No, I don't feel as if our troops still need to be in Afghanistan. After 9/11, I was all for it, especially with the volunteer troops. However, It's been years now, and our troops don't need to be there anymore. Send them home to be with their families and to heal, It's time.

  • Send Troops Home.

    Our work as a nation is done in Afghanistan. There is not much more that we can do and we should not be putting our citizens in danger any longer. We as a nation are not in a state of crisis anymore and the troops don't need to be there. Too many innocent lives have been lost.

  • No, although they do need help. They should come home

    Although I will agree that Afghanistan does need help, to keep our troops there doesn't seem to be the answer. Perhaps give the Afghan people the tools they will need, Help eliminate the biggest threat to them, and let them be self sufficient from there. Perhaps that is what we have been trying to do this whole time, but as our nation sinks further and further into debt, and continues to help our neighbors because it is the thing to do, I am left to ask, are we truly helping them, or hindering them? Our troops give selflessly because it is asked of them. They serve proudly because it is what they do. Many men and women leave their homes each day in service to their country. I think it is time, their country does a service for them.

  • No wars

    No, I do not personally believe that the troops from the United States should be in Afghanistan. Too many families are being torn apart, losing husband, father, brother, etc and for what reason. We should worry about the will of our country, no some foreign land far away we have nothing to do with.

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