• It is going to affect them who is president

    The youth and teens especially need to be educated on politics. It is so important that they are educated because it will affect them who is president. I am a teen and I realize I need to care and be educated because, who the next president is will affect me and my fellow teens. There is a need to educate so teens don't just vote for who everyone is voting for,

  • You can not be to educated.

    If children are not educated on politics who will run the government in the future? The more they learn the better. I think a lot of people would agree that the system isnt working well now. Maybe if we educate our children well they will find a better way. Politics suck. Its complicated and competitive and sometimes nasty. But if we are an ignorant society our great country isnt so great and it will fall.

  • Yes, Everyone Should

    Anyone who is potentially going to vote should be as educated as possible about the positions and system they're voting on. I don't like the ageism in the question, as though watching four decades of political advertising has somehow caused older people to be educated on the subject. But since the youth are who we've already got in schools, better political education should definitely be part of what they get there.

  • Yes

    I think that the youth of America is making voting decisions on purely what they hear from family and friends. I have personally heard kids say that kind of thing that proves that they have not educated themselves about it at all. I once hear a kid say he was voting for Obama because he was responsible for killing Bin Laden.

  • Youth Should Care About Political Future

    Even if kids don't go into politics for a career, our children must be educated in how political institutions work. A lesson in politics is part of an overall educational system that kids need to be upstanding citizens. How our republic works is just as important as Newton's Laws of Physics.

  • Yes they should

    I am saying this from my opinion and experience. I wish when I was growing up, I was more Politically educated, then I would have understood more when I was voting for this years elections. But there was so much vocabulary that i did not understand and so many matters i was not properly educated by, if I was then I would have had an easier time to understand and decide. And if taught early in age, they might vote more, we might get more future votes, because even now many people dont vote and they need to. They will learn more early and understand for the future.

  • Everyone Should Be More Educated

    I do not believe it is wise to say children should be more politically educated when a large majority of adults are not educated about it. It is evident from rampant rumors on the Internet to bashing banter against Obama all over Facebook that people (adults) rarely take the time to truly educate themselves before talking about politics.

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