Should overseas airline carriers be permitted to buy U.S. airlines in full?

  • Yes, as long as their actions don't harm others, businesses must be allowed to make decisions that are in their financial interest.

    Our country prides itself on our capitalistic system, and that means that businesses are in operation to make money. While the idea of foreign ownership of our airlines might be distasteful, the decision to buy or sell should be the company's to make.

    Posted by: UtterDusty75
  • If overseas airlines can afford a U.S. airline company, this means they can offer better prices.

    There should be regulations specifying that they still would have to hire U.S. personnel to make sure the job market does not suffer from this, as well as regulations in term of safety. If an overseas airline company can buy a U.S. airline, then this company also has the funding necessary to better the service or lower the prices.

    Posted by: WakefulTristan35
  • I agree that overseas carriers should be permitted to buy U.S. airlines, if only because the government should not impede the decisions of business.

    Which company runs a business is not the decision of the government. The government has only a few responsibilities in business: to make sure that there is infrastructure enough for trade to happen, to keep businesses from harming their customers, and to maintain the money flow. Other than that, the free market should reign to ensure that the services provided are the most profitable, affordable, and efficient services available.

    Posted by: AbortiveLance38
  • Airlines should be public companies and operated by other countries.

    If an airline could be purchased for the right price by another carrier who happens to be situated overseas, there should be no reason not to allow it. Airlines should not be governed by which country they service. Eventually, most airlines will service all countries. There is nothing wrong with world-wide commerce.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • There is no overriding public interest served by forbidding overseas airline carriers to buy U.S. airlines in full.

    When regulation is wholly unnecessary, it can only serve to harm society as a whole -- regulations generally increase the spending of the government, and increase tax burdens, which are acceptable consequences only for necessary regulations. The purchase of U.S. airlines by overseas air carriers does not present any dangers to society, and therefore any regulation of such transactions would be harmful. Since U.S. companies have been struggling in recent years, some even declaring bankruptcy (which severely damages the economy), if overseas companies can keep U.S. companies out of bankruptcy, there may even be a benefit to allowing sale of U.S. airlines.

    Posted by: A Paul
  • I think that overseas airlines should be allowed to buy U.S. airlines in full, as long as there is no infringement upon monopoly laws.

    It is fully acceptable for an overseas carrier to buy an U.S. airline in full, if it is not prohibited by any monopoly laws. This deal may help save many U.S. jobs and contribute ultimately to a better service. Moreover, the laws of the country of the airport are the ones that matter, not the laws of the country of origin of the airline.

    Posted by: NWinters
  • The free market is the free market and any company should be able to be purchased.

    Just like any other industry foreign airlines should be able to purchase U.S. airlines. There was no issue when Fiat bought most of Chrysler or when InBev bought Anheuser Busch, so why should there be a problem is a U.S. airline is bought out. Truthfully, they'd probably be run better by a foreign company.

    Posted by: Fr4Giga
  • Overseas airline carriers should be permitted to buy U.S. airlines in full just like international companies are permitted to invest in our stock markets and proliferate their franchises on domestic soil. The airlines don't need a bailout like banking.

    Globalism and the massive national debt are valid reasons for overseas ownership of U.S. airlines. Almost all of our consumer goods are already made abroad. Distances for goods and services are nearly reduced to days while information is communicated in seconds. If we tried to isolate parts of our economy, our nation will suffer greatly as the rest of the world cooperates.

    Posted by: 5hc4mGira
  • Yes, it seems like every airline in this country is in financial trouble.

    If overseas airline companies want to purchase US airlines, they should be allowed to do so. The airline industry in this country is always in trouble, big trouble. Yet go to any airport and they are swamped with people, planes are taking off and landing nonstop. How are they losing money? Something isn't being done correctly and the customers have to suffer by more and more charges for things that should be free. Let someone take over who knows what they are doing.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • I do not agree with this; I think it would hurt our economy more than help.

    I can understand why the idea of selling carriers to overseas airlines would be considered. It could perhaps at least help those companies out that do get bought; however, in the long run it would be better for U.S. people/companies to buy them instead, even if they have difficulty right now. In the long run it should actually help our economy out more, giving more jobs, for instance. Also, actually, the places where these overseas companies might be from hasn't really been specified. I don't really agree with some ideologies from other countries. What if a company from one of those countries buys the airline carriers? The company itself that buys it in this case may not themselves necessarily carry out the same ideologies as their host country, however, they may still have those beliefs imposed on them depending on the government involved.

    Posted by: FreeWilfredo30
  • Overseas airline carriers should not be permitted to buy U.S. airlines, because this would be detrimental to our economy.

    In order to help the United States economy, it is important for us to keep some of our own airline carriers. If the overseas airline carriers buy ours in full, we will lose more jobs that Americans could be doing here. It is important for us to keep as many businesses intact here, as we have lost a lot in the past few years.

    Posted by: AmazingJunior58
  • I oppose overseas companies being allowed to purchase U.S. airlines, because this is a vital source of transportation, and we need to be able to control what happens in the air completely.

    America needs to retain control over airlines, in order to control what happens in the skies, and that is why overseas airlines should not be allowed to purchase American airline companies. 9/11 is a perfect example, as is the recent experience with Southwest Airlines planes having damage. We need to be able to control who flies and when. An outside ownership makes this much more difficult. There needs to be one main voice, one big boss, and when two countries are involved in something like this, that process is hampered.

    Posted by: SAugustus
  • Overseas airlines should not be permitted to buy out US airlines because the are the no longer generating revenue and taxes in the US.

    The United States needs to become more protectionist of its industry and provide incentives for companies/corporations to maintain US based offices staffed by US employees. This applies to the airlines. If an airlines company is fully sold to a foreign interest, it is no longer a US airline. Any revenue it earns would no longer benefit the US.

    Posted by: Prinzess
  • Overseas airline carriers should not be permitted to buy U.S. airlines in full.

    Airlines are a critical part and sometimes strategic part of any commercial system in a country. In that order, American always have participation in the stock of United States airlines. That means that the maximum number of stock shares belonging to a foreign carrier should be restricted.
    The foreign carrier may have control of the airline but should not own at full.

    Posted by: l0olllooi
  • I don't believe that overseas airline carriers should be permitted to buy U.S. airlines in full.

    I believe the US should be in control of their own airlines. We talk about having such an issue with our economy right now, well selling airlines to overseas carriers would not help the problem. I think we should be in control of our own airlines and companies.

    Posted by: LorenaH

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