• It's up to the viewers to decide

    If a TV show or series is doing successful here in the States than I think Netflix subscribers in other parts of the world should have access to watch the shows. Unfortunately, the world is complex. I guess there could be some hesitance to make a TV show widely available to everyone because TV schedules are not the same in country. Let's say there's a show that debuts in the States, but Australian or U.K. viewers may not be able to see it for several weeks because a television channel hasn't shown it yet. That's kind of the sad reality of how our world works, but it is what it is. I say let the viewers overseas decide what's what. Besides, we shouldn't be deciding what other countries want.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Netflix viewers overseas should be allowed to watch American shows.

    American shows have been popular overseas for decades and help expose other cultures to ours. The movie and television industries earn substantial revenues from overseas markets so our economy benefits. Technology and the Internet have made our world much smaller and geographical distances and borders have given way to a global community. It is only natural that cultural exchange takes place and exporting American TV shows adds to this exchange. Eliminating social barriers promotes greater understanding and will increase the chances of world peace and a greater focus on cooperation among nations. The idea of a totalitarian regime censoring what its citizens can watch is archaic and impossible to maintain since nearly any media can be accessed and shared with a computer or Internet connection.

  • Yes They Should

    Overseas Netflix users have been using VPN's to get the shows they want, but now that is being blocked and they can no longer access the shows they want. In turn this makes Netflix useless for many overseas and it will lead them to leave the service. This was a problem created by the content providers who are consistently over evaluating their product.

  • Yes, why not?

    Why is this even a debate? Does it make them lose money or something? I don't see why there is an issue with countries watching other countries television shows. Who cares? Besides, we have American soldiers and families overseas, should't they be allowed to watch American shows if they want to?

  • Yes they should

    Overseas Netflix viewers of course should be allowed to watch American shows. American shows are not made solely for Americans, and if you think so, have a fun time trying to convince corporations and Hollywood that they should not try to market and sell their products to non-Americans around the world.

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