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  • Professionals are for hire.

    No, overseas players in football should not be restricted, because teams should be able to hire whomever wants to come play for them. Players who are young in other countries have big dreams to go and play football in England or Europe or Brazil. They should be able to pursue their dreams if they are good enough.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that if someone is good at this sport and wants to come play football here in the US, then they should be allowed to come and play. I think that we need to take all of the players we can, so that the game gets more exciting.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe overseas players in football should be restricted. Personally, I think this questions is a little vague because it doesn't indicate how the player would be restricted or on what grounds. I believe it is important to include these points so people don't answer to preconceived ideas rather than what was intended.

  • Overseas Players In Football

    I personally think that overseas players in football should not be restricted because if the players is not overseas the players should get the same benefits and even if the players are overseas it should not be restricted. I personally think that players overseas in football should get the same treatment.

  • Treat it like other sports

    Restricting overseas players can be looked at in American Football like other sports. Basically, you can see that when Americans go play in Japan, and vice versa, to me it makes no sense to "restrict" them to having less rights than other players. But maybe with basketball this could be an exception.

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