Should overseas police stations have more security to prevent things like car bombings?

  • Yes they should

    It's sad that we have to do that but I would say it's a good idea. A lot of countries oversees don't have good immigration policies and they're letting a lot of dangerous people in who have explosives. Europe is in a lot of danger with their immigration policies. They're letting in dangerous people.

  • Big Minds over Big Brother

    Increasing the police force or surveillance does not stop acts of mass violence like car bombings. If it did, locales with a high ratio of police/civilians would be very low in crime proportionally, and that is not the case. Education and screening do a lot more for the stability of an area than a police state would.

  • How is a Police Station Itself Supposed to Stop Car Bombings?

    This question is worded very oddly: if police stations themselves upped security, I don't see there would be any crackdown on car bombings in the cities in which they patrol. If we're talking about actual police, that's a different story: of course police "overseas" should be taking measures to prevent car bombings - is that even up for debate? Countries should monitor and control their own police presence, and, therefore, should monitor and control car bombing in their country.

  • They can only do so much

    There is only so much money to go around in these countries, unless the United States is willing to give them the money to secure their police stations better. The money is better spent investigating and fighting terrorist groups and stopping them from recruiting youth so there are less bombings to begin with.

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