Should overweight air passengers be charged additional fees for their weight?

  • Absolutely! I'm tired of larger people impeding on MY space while on a plane!

    As a paying customer I am entitled to the whole seat that I have purchased. I have flown numerous times throughout my life and have had experiences where a large person was seated beside me and infringed on my space, causing me to have to lean to one side for the entire flight (2 hours to 12 hours dependent on the length of the flight) which is very uncomfortable for me in that I get a sore back, sore neck etc... Just to accommodate a large person. They can't put their tray down and expect to use mine because of this. How is this fair to ME, I paid my money too. I'm tired of accommodating people that are too lazy to take care of themselves. When larger people buy clothing they pay more simply because more material is used to produce the clothing (Is this discrimination from the clothing companies too?)

    THEY CAN EITHER FLY FIRST CLASS OR PAY FOR TWO SEATS! "I refuse to share my space on a plane anymore." I absolutely back the airlines in a pay per pound system and also agree that if a larger person is made to pay more they are entitled to a larger seat which would be more comfortable for everyone.


    Posted by: SVS
  • Obesity is a choice 99% of the time

    Obesity is not caused by diseases 99% of the time, and most of the time they are just lazy and eat too much. Obese people cost more in fuel to fly and take up more space, so they should have to pay more. They also "spill over" into other seats and hamper the experience of the fliers sitting next to them.

  • Of course they should!!

    You should be charged per kilo of combined weight for you and your luggage. Nothing to do with being charged for being overweight, just a simple case of supply and demand.

    If a fat person wants to buy 10 chocolate bars, should they be charged the same as someone who wants 1? Of course not and its the same with a flight. You are "buying" fuel and space on the flight and should have to pay your share.

    The vast majority of overweight people are overweight through lifestyle choice and nothing to do with illness or any other bogus reason.

    If you can't do the time don't do the crime!

  • Overweight air passengers should be charged extra fees for the space they use.

    Airlines charge fares in direct response to the amount of space and weight that is occupied on each flight, An overweight air passenger reduces the amount of baggage that can be taken on a specific flight and are in turn largely responsible for the implementation of carriers charging fees for each piece of luggage now.

    Posted by: ThegaXen
  • You can fix being overweight

    Those who are saying that fat people can't help but be overweight don't understand that what you eat everyday and how you take care of yourself is a choice that the obese take upon themselves. If you are overweight and you choose not to take action to prevent yourself from getting various weight related diseases such as hyper tension and high blood pressure why should the rest of us who take care of themselves have to fork it up for someone who chooses to live a lifestyle that is bad for them? When an obese person takes up 1 1/2 seats it makes the person next to them extremely uncomfortable and it is unfair to be charged for an uncomfortable trip that you paid for as well. Imagine having two obese people sitting on either sides of you. Pay for two seats and make it your choice to seek a healthier lifestyle and to lose some weight. If you have a medical condition where you put on weight because of some rare disease then bring a doctors note to get the fee waived.

  • If you weigh more the plane uses more fuel.

    It shouldn't cost airlines more to take overweight people; nor should the other passengers have to subsidize the extra cost.

    However, total weight should be calculated including all the Luggage and personal items. Thus, overweight people could opt not to pay by limiting their luggage. On the other hand skinny people could benefit from luggage benefits to even the scale.

  • You pay your luggage per kilo so why not yourself?

    The service delivered is at a cost. Lifting weight from the ground costs more energy than the flying as such. So at least a part of the costs of an air-ticket should be related to the weight of the person. It's also a good incentive to lead a healthy life as well. I have suggested the same for a massage, (to charge per kilo) as the work of the masseur strongly relates to the size of the person.

  • Yes, but who gets the money?

    I agree, because it invades and inconveniences other passengers. But, the issue is: if there is a surcharge, will people seated near a surcharged passenger get a rebate? Or will the airlines sell discount "near fat person" seats, like concert halls sell standing-room only concert tickets? Basically, the question is, who will get the proceeds of this surcharge?

  • Its not fair to other passengers

    Why should they take up my space that i paid for on the airplane just because they have a weight problem. lose some weight or be prepared to buy 2 tickets. its silly to think that if you take more room in a area with limited space that your not going to be paying more. it also costs more fuel to have them as passengers.

  • fuel costs

    It costs more to transport them, more fuel, more time, more air, more food. You pay cargo per kilo, so it should be with passengers tickets too. The total weight including passenger and bags should be per kilo. They are also a major disturbance to passengers they sit next to.

  • I don't think that overweight passengers should be made to feel any worse about themselves by getting additional charges.

    Knowing what it is like to be overweight, I think that it is absolutely unacceptable to charge overweight passengers extra. It would destroy their self esteem and make them feel bad about themselves. A little extra cash for the airlines should not be made at the expense of the poor overweight passengers.

    Posted by: danoneeno
  • Overweight people should not be charged addition fees for their weight.

    Charging overweight air passengers additional fees for their weight sounds and looks like discrimination on the part of airlines. And it may also hurt the individual who is overweight. It is not fair to discriminate against the air passengers on the basis of their physical appearance.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • No, it's a pure case of discrimination.

    Discrimination does not involve only the color of the skin or of the race of human. Overcharging overweight passengers involves discrimination, as it would be for overcharging young people, or having different prices according to race or sex.
    If such a policy would be established, then soon other differences in charging policy will come soon.
    Customers-passengers are human-persons, no matter what. So charge should be per person, no matter what.

  • I don't think they should charge overweight passengers because they shouldn't judge people based on weight

    If you weigh a lot more than normal citizens that shouldn't make you pay more on an airplane trip. That is like saying because your skinny you won't get to the eat the same amount of food as an obese person. It should be equal for everyone and just because they weigh more, doesn't mean charge more.

    Posted by: waffletime
  • Absolutely not Liberals!

    This is absolutely ridiculous! Since when do we get the right to dictate to others? Because to me that is exactly what this is. Liberal. I guess we should also start charging the people that have yet to learn proper hygiene. Or a rather disturbing screaming baby. What will you dictate next?

  • No, they should not.

    Not unless they plan on giving them bigger and better seats to compensate for cost. It is not fair to make them pay more for the exact same service. Otherwise it is definitely discrimination at that point. Or maybe someone just needs to start an airline or have special flights that are calculated to carry people who are bigger.

  • It is highly impractical to charge someone based on their weight when they cannot help being over- or under-weight.

    It is not correct to charge passengers based on their weight, since if that is the case, the underweight passengers would have to be charged less. This could lead to an unmanageable situation where there would be no standard guidelines. Besides, overweight passengers are rare, and their weight is negligible compared to the luggage-weight.

    Posted by: darknesse
  • I do not believe overweight air passengers should pay and additional fee because this would be a form of discrimination

    First I think this is an impossible decision for an airline to make. At what point is a person considered overweight? This would necessitate a complex set of rules where the sex, height and weight of a person must all be included and computed. Should a 6'5" 250 lb. football player be considered overweight if a 5'3" 250 lb woman is? Then all big and tall men even if they are normal weight for their size would have to pay more. A second reason this is unfair is that airlines accommodate all passengers with special needs. They do not charge persons with wheelchairs extra. Parents can bring their child's baby stroller on board and park it up front. As more and more people struggle with weight problems airlines need to start accommodating the needs of their passengers, and not shove people into the same size seats that were adequate 30 years ago. Obesity can be a medical condition the person has no power over, and the airlines should be responsible for accommodating obese passengers just as they accommodate any other person with a special problem.

    Posted by: gaijinboy
  • Why the hell should they?

    How would you like having to stand in the middle of the airport and be weighed to see if you should pay extra? Larger people are already insecure about their weight so the fact that they would have to do crap like that in front of everyone else really isnt fair. We tell people to be happy and to like their bodies but then we go and put an extra charge on airfares for larger people.

  • Discrimination for any reason only gives the devil a larger foothold on the life of mankind.

    When we learn to love one another unconditionally, the world will be a much better place. Being overweight does not make someone a criminal. Everyone has problems. Some of ours just show more than others. We are called to love one another. If we want to fix this world, we should concentrate on living Christlike lives. We cannot legislate morality, but we can change this world one person at a time by being kind.

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