Should overweight airplane passengers be charged more: Is it necessary to charge fat passengers extra when flying?

  • Yes why not

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  • Planes only have a certain amount of space

    Even though I'm a little bit overweight, I would understand if airlines begin charging by weight in the future or even charging someone for two seats if they are unable to fit in one seat. Each plane has a certain amount of space and weight it can carry. More weight equals more fuel used and also equals a very uncomfortable flight if someone is forced to give up a portion of their seat to a larger person.

  • People Should Not Face Discrimination Based On Medical Issues

    Obesity is an increasing issue in the United States, but it is a medical condition or can be the result of other medical conditions and/or treatments and many affected people have little or no control over it. Charging passengers more based on their weight is discriminatory and should be viewed as a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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