• Overweight People should pay for additional space on airplanes!

    If grossly obese flyers are not made to confine their bulk to their own space, the individual upon whose space they (uncomfortably) infringe is paying for space they are utilizing. That’s an unfair economic burden to impose on normal-weighted individuals simply for finding themselves seated in proximity of someone grossly overweight. I believe individuals who lack the self-discipline to maintain a culturally normal body weight should not be excused from the economic disadvantages their behavior may create for them. And normal-weighted individuals placed in proximity to such individuals - through no fault of their own - should never be placed at an economic disadvantage to accommodate someone else’s excessive body size.

  • If they're taking it up, yes

    If one seat is not enough space to contain a person then yes, they should pay for two. It needs to be a very obvious thing though and not determined by a scale. I've seen people on planes that are so accustomed to it they actually had their own seatbelt extender and didn't need the one provided by the plane. If you're overweight to a point that you're doing that, yes, you need to pay for what you're taking up.

  • You pay for what you use.

    In 2009 United introduced a new policy that stated that if a passenger was of such a size that they occupied two seats, then they would have to pay for the additional seat. Some may decry this practice but who should have to be punished? Should it be the person who is overweight, or should it be the person who isn't but has to 'share' their seat with an overweight person?

    Clearly causing two people to occupy one seat is a safety violation, and thus an airline shouldn't allow it. Therefore they are forced with a decision, should they charge for the extra seat or simply face a loss because someone is overweight to the extent that they cannot fit in their seat?

    It is clear, if someone is so overweight that they cannot fit in their seat, then they should have to pay for an additional seat.

  • You must fit in uour seat

    If you fit in one sear, you buy one. If you take ups space that someone else has paid for and has a right to, then you need to own enough space for you to fit. There is no need for someone else to have no soace because you are too big and take up their seat.

  • No, that's ridiculous. The seats could have been made bigger.

    It's just plain wrong. What if your mother was overweight? Would you want her paying for 4 tickets altogether just to fly somewhere and back? She would be going out of her way for no reason! What if the plane was full and they're still taking up a little room on the seat next to them? What are you going to make them pay for?! The armrest?!

  • As long as they do not need two seats, they should not pay for two seats.

    We do not give half seat credits for skinny or small people, why charge overweight people more. Any charge based on opinion rather than empirical basis can not be allowed. Who is to say who is overweight and a 6' 6 man at 320 lb is not the same as a 5' 2 320 lb man. Planes are built for comfort and many seats can house comfortably people of larger builds, so charging more is just a profit scheme rather than a benefit to its customers.

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