Should overweight people pay a high premium for health insurance?

  • Yes. Overweight people should pay for their own health risks.

    Yes. Overweight people should have to pay for their own health risks. At this time, healthy people cover most of the health care costs for those who are unhealthy at their own doing. If someone is plagued with a disease that makes them overweight, then this should be an exception, but if someone eats too much and puts themselves at risk for the issues that are directly related to being overweight, then their insurance premiums should reflect their life style choices.

  • Pre-Existing Conditions No Longer Apply

    Overweight people shouldn't pay higher premiums for health insurance because of a pre-existing condition. Sometimes, overweight people wouldn't seek professional medical help unless health care is more affordable. When diet and exercise aren't enough, sometimes medications are what is needed to help patients with a weight problem. Health insurance can also help cover the costs of a workout gym.

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