Should overweight people pay for 2 seats on a plane?

  • It's not about your feelings.

    If you are so obese that you take up more space than someone who is of a normal weight, then you should pay for another seat. It's not "inconsiderate" or "rude" to have to pay to accustom to your lifestyle. Being fat is a choice, you decided to maintain an unhealthy lifestyle. If you believe that it's okay to take up space and make the people around you uncomfortable because of the way you decide to live, then you are the inconsiderate and rude one. And that doesn't just apply to overweight people, it applies to anyone that lives a lifestyle that causes inconvenience to other people (i.E. A drug addict, smokers, alcoholics, etc.) For example, if you are a smoker and decide you want to smoke on the plane, you may have to pay extra to have a seat in the smoking area of the plane. You're not a customer just like "everyone else" if you could cause problems on the plane. There's no good excuse to be fat, there's no medical issues known that cause extreme weight gain. Therefore, if you made the decision to be fat, buy an extra ticket.

  • That's not fair

    People don't deserve to be treated that way and what if you were overweight, would you like being treated that way? It's completely unfair and plus they should get treated like a normal human being, they have feelings and also they are also being discriminated against. Maybe bigger seats should be made and this wouldn't be a problem!

  • Unfair to them

    No they should not be required to pay for two seats on a plane. Its unfair to those that are overweight and I'm sure it is really upsetting to them and would lower their self esteem. I think its rude and inconsiderate and overweight people should not have to pay more than normal weight people.

  • They need comfort, too.

    Even though I get the fact that it can be frustrating for those who work with the airlines to have to give one person two seats simply because of their size, the overweight person paid for the ticket, is a customer just like everyone, and deserves to be comfortable for their flight.

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