Should owners of dogs that attack and/or kill people be sentenced to jail time?

  • First words always "never did that before"

    Yes. Absolutely yes! YOU are responsible for any damage or harm your unsecured animal causes. Never trust them with kids on the street or strangers. You should have your hand on it's collar (not leash) when someone may approach your animal. Pay attention to it's body language and stop victim blaming. Your to blame. Always. A poorly trained and spoiled animal who is never disciplined or sent mixed messages when disciplined is your fault. If the animal is trained and kept in your home this wouldn't happen. You should get prison as if you bit someone's face, or as if you mauled and killed a child or adult.

  • Dogs Only as Good as Owners

    Dogs are domesticated animals and as such are only as good as their owners have trained them. Any dog that attacks or kills a human should find their owners responsible for any pending arrest or litigation against them. Dogs don't have civil rights in America whereas human beings do, so legally the humans are held responsible for the actions of pets or animals.

  • Yes. Dog owners should be responsible for their pet's actions

    Yes. Dogs are sometimes victims of their own environment. Because they are pets, this environment is usually provided by their owner. The owner should be responsible for how their pet acts in public places. The easiest way to assure your dog will not attack or kill someone is to ensure there is plenty of love in the household.

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