• Oxygen is unhealthy.

    Oxygen is the main reason that secondhand smoke is going into our lungs. If there is no oxygen, We will never have to breathe bad air ever again. I see this as an absolute win guys. C'mon. This idea is great. Oxygen needs to be banned. End of story. Bye.

  • Oxygen is gay

    Bruh this oxygen stuff aint good i been brething it for a long ass time and i aint feelin god i think someone put something in my oxygen joint i was just tryna get high bro plus i ain't brething the same air as another dude miss me with that gay shit nigga.

  • Air pollution and the Ozone

    Air is being polluted by large amounts of carbon dioxide, Making the ozone is getting too dense, Which causes global warming. Obviously, The only solution is to ban oxygen altogether. By banning oxygen, The ozone won't be made even thicker, As ozone is just three molecules of oxygen. Therefore, The environment will cool down and maybe the icecaps can be formed again. Honestly, This is the best plan I've heard.

  • Flammable and Government

    It is very flammable and who are we to know that maybe the government issued oxygen and it is slowly killing us? For all we know the only reason that we die at such young ages is because oxygen is really just a poisonous gas that slowly eats away at our lungs and bodies.

  • Oxygen very bad.

    Everyone who inhales oxygen dies. Therefore, It should be banned immediately.
    Oh no I need at least 3 3 more words so here is my final conclusion, Okay only 2 1 words left, Almost there, So close, Really really really heckin close. Okay, To summarize:

    Oxygen is very very bad,

  • Yes but only for the moron who started this opinion question

    Here is my argument. 42 more words left. 38 more words left. 34 more words left. 30 more words left. 26 more words left. 22 more words left. 18 more words left. 14 more words left. 10 more words left. 6 more words left. 2 more words left. Annnnnnnnnnd done.

  • It is unhealthy

    It has been proven that over 90% of people who have died had havebreathed oxygen at some point. It can also prevent global warming. Those are some reasons. I need more words. Lamppost. Minecraft does not have oxygen does it? No? Well good that is defiantly proof. There you go.

  • All our problems are caused by Oxygen

    Oxygen is responsible for all the suffering experienced on this planet. If there was no oxygen, Then there would be nobody trying to steal your belongings, No wild animals trying to maul you, And no cashiers asking you about how your day is going.

    Oxygen is dangerous. Here is just to name a few: Oxygen is feeding the massive forest fires that are happening in California. Liquid oxygen can freeze your flesh off or drown you, Whichever comes first. Breathing in too much oxygen can lead to hyperoxia, A painful excess of oxygen in the body.

    Oxygen is inconvenient. Every single day you are forced to breathe in thousands of gallons of this gas. Imagine a world where you don't have to breathe in thousands of gallons of gas comprised of two atoms. You would die for it, Wouldn't you? When incandescent lightbulbs are made, All the oxygen inside the bulb has to be pumped out or else the filament would burn out in a second. When we drop an object onto another object, The oxygen in the atmosphere slows the object down, Lessening the impact of the object.

    All these problems can be solved if oxygen is banned.

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  • If we ban oxygen we can prevent dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning as well as global warming.

    If we don't have oxygen we can't have CO2 or CO both of which are causing humans problems. CO2 is a main cause of global warming which has killed millions and many people die of the deadly invisible odorless gas known as carbon monoxide or CO. So we should ban oxygen.

  • Come on guys

    Without Oxygen, We would die. And I don't know if you want to die, But I don't. I just can't. I mean DO YOU WANT A SLOW PAINFUL DEATH! ? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! I sure don't. So if you want a slow painful death, Vote yes. If you want to live vote no. Bye bye bye

  • f**k you guys

    f**k all of you guys or girls for voting yes ok we need oxygen to live and of course oxygen should not be banned ok f**k all of you for voting yes vote no instead if you wanna die vote yes or of if you wanna Live vote no bye

  • Death comes for us all!

    N 1 g g a r f a g 1 t N 1 g g a r f a g 1 t N 1 g g a r f a g 1 t N 1 g g a r f a g 1 t N 1 g g a r f a g 1 t

  • I have three reasons why not.

    1. Everything that isn't a plant would die.
    2. The plants would just make more oxygen.
    3. You would have to kill A L L of the plants and that is virtually
    I M P O S S I B L E to do, So the plants will come back and we might too.

  • You need oxygen to live

    Oxygen has what we need to live. If you seriously want to die, Then ban oxygen. You can't live without oxygen. Let's say you want to make s'mores or you want to warm up at a camping trip. No oxygen, No fire, No warmth, No life, Everyone dead. So there

  • If you want to die, Vote yes!

    Seriously, Some questions on this site are so stupid, It's laughable. For one, Even if everybody thought we'd be better off without oxygen, It's not like government can suddenly take it away from everyone. Nor would it work if we petitioned to God that we wanted to get rid of oxygen. He cares to much about his children to let them all just drop dead. With that being said, Suppose you're freezing to death in the middle of a blizzard. Could you maybe start a fire to save your hide? NO. You need oxygen to start a fire. Most people know that oxygen is mandatory and government has nothing to do with that. And what would we breathe in lieu of oxygen? Hydrogen? Nitrogen? Phosphorus? Helium? None of the elements on the periodic table work the same as oxygen. We'd be dead within about two or three minutes. Some people would survive a little longer.

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