• He needs to retire

    Ozzy stopped making good albums in 83. Like Priest he's just making albums because technology is better now. Their albums with Richie Faulker are pointless without KK Downing. Zak Wylde is so boring now he's just repeating himself. Ozzys new albums are predictable. He needs to quit. Have you seen him lately. He's pretty rough. He can't sing properly. It's time for the old bloke to go.

  • The show is over

    Ozzy really peaked in 1983 with Blizzard, And Diary. Those albums were seminal. HIs work with Randy Rhaods was ground breaking. But Ozzy's albums have been in decline for years. They are lackluster, Cheap imitations of his previous albums. His lamo wifes nonsense on the View is the worst, Plus his reality T. V. Show. I feel Ozzy really isn't metal anymore but a clown. He is caricature of himself. If Randy was here he would have begged Ozzy to retire. He's way past his prime. With his health issues and his advancing age, His needs to do what most people his age do, Find a nice quiet beach to sleep on. He's too old to matter now.

  • For Gods sake, Yes!

    I've seen Ozzy 6 times. 5 times in the 80's (1st time in 1981 with Randy Rhodes! ) & the last time in 1996. To be honest he looked rough in '96 and that was 23 years ago! I've seen him on youtube trying to convince myself to see him one last time. I can't do it. It's makes me cringe. Some performers age well. Ozzy hasn't. And now after this accident dislodging metal rods? He's an especially old 70. My mother had metal rods in her back at that age and had trouble walking. Ozzy, Dude, Hang them up!

  • Not too old, but too impaired

    Its not that he is too old, it is that he is too impaired. Ozzy has lost much of his ability to sing. I think the problems are mostly brain related and not so much due to aging vocal apparatus. He has trouble singing in key. Sometimes he is in Key, other times totally off, even with Auto-Tune. Auto-Tune may keep him from being flat or sharp and put him into the closest key, but even that is sometimes way off. I think that Ozzy can do some more studio work, but should retire from live performances. He used to be much, much, better.

  • He is too old.

    Yes, Ozzy Osbourne should retire from making and performing music, because he is past an age where he can do it well. There is something to be said for going out before you have completely lost your ability to perform. The Strolling Bones have become a punch line. Ozzy is too old to perform well, and he has done too much damage to his body with his lifestyle.

  • Ozzy should keep on rockin'

    Saw Ozzy on the 2011 Scream tour. Ozzy brought it for a solid two hour set. One of the best concerts that I have ever seen! I will definitely support Ozzy as long as he continues to record and tour. Ozzy is a legend that demands respect no matter what.

  • No, musicians are able to create and perform relevant music for their entire lives.

    Musicians and artists, as evidence by elderly performers like Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard, can bring joy to their fans forever. No matter how old Ozzy Osbourne is, his fans will still buy tickets to see him live and hear songs from his early days and from his newest projects.

  • He should keep making music.

    Ozzy Osbourne should not retire from making and performing music. Although as he ages his speaking and singing abilities have declined because of reported stimulant and alcohol use, stopping a man from being a performer does him no good. It will help him thrive to continue to be an artist as he is, whether he makes money at it or not.

  • Keep on Rockin' Ozzy!

    One of the best professions in the world is to be an entertainer. Once you reach a certain age, as long as you are still performing, as long as people love you, and you sell out at concerts, the record label is not going to tell you that you are 65 and now must retire from the business. Ozzy Osborne has been a musician and entertainer for as long as I can remember. There is no reason a man who can still "work" be forced to sit at home and grow old. He is a career musician with fans that have followed him since day one, new generations are loving him just as much. Once you have that status in the entertainment business the only thing that will ever slow a man like Ozzy down would be things out of his control like not being able to perform due to illness or disease.

  • Ozzy Osbourne should keep performing.

    Ozzy Osbourne does one thing very well, and he still does that one thing as if no time has passed at all. And that one thing is music. If you take music away from a person like Ozzy Osbourne, he really wouldn't have anything left for himself and would have to rely on family for all his happiness.

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