• Gym teachers push you to much, and always choose the popular and athletic kids for sports.

    Gym teachers always say to try, but they only choose the popular kids for sports which makes people like me feel bad about myself. The athletic kids play after school sports all the time and that should be their exercise. So schools should stay out of the lives of there students.

  • Yes it should

    Gym on my school was unfair. Most people assumed you could do a certain amount of push-ups or pull-ups when in reality, 50% of the class couldn't do them. PE also makes people feel insecure about their body weight when they might be not average. When I was in PE I felt so insecure and kept getting taught you had to be a certain weight. So I became anorexic and didn't eat for a while. Pe is used to improve people's health in their bit the end of the year people can still do the same amount of push-ups or pull-ups. If PE was important and helped they would have improved.

  • Exercise can help, but at our own pace.

    Gym teachers can be so unfair at times. Yes exercise is good, but how about at our own pace. A 150 lb person can't lift weights like a jock. One example, is a burpee. You have to jump, then go back down and nearly hit your head and do a pushup. My gym teacher always makes the class do way to much just because his son is a jock on the football team.

  • Yes Ovcourse yes

    “It’s been terrible,” she said. The teacher was a basketball coach, and “that’s basically all they did — play basketball between 40 and 50 kids.” Many students, especially those who weren’t athletic, just stood on the sidelines of the disorganized game.
    Physical education experts say there’s little accountability for P.E. Teachers in most schools. They say the classes are often poorly run, and students don’t spend much time in them anyway — even as American children grow fatter and more out of shape.
    Nearly one-fifth of all high school P.E. Teachers don’t have a major and certification in physical education, according to the most recent numbers from the National Center for Education Statistics.
    Focus on winning, not on health
    Often the instructor is a coach more interested in winning games than in producing healthy students, experts say.
    “That stigma that a coach cares more about the team than his physical education class does exist,” said George Graham, professor of kinesiology at Penn State University.
    “When a teacher or coach is doing that, it’s really up to the principal to get in there and say, 'We want to win ball games, but the kids in P.E. Deserve a good education too.'’

    The lack of respect for P.E. Also appears in the number of students required to take it.

  • It is true.

    Maybe in several years you would get to the ban of physical education, if it happens before those staff will pass away from here very late. Anyway, it is true that it may happen! Can it be true? No one knows! It is rare. That is true now we say.

  • Gym Can be so Unfair

    So many gym teachers can be so unfair, because all they ever do is push their students to do this exercise. So what if some students can't do something because they have trouble with some stuff? Not everybody can do the stuff gym teachers tell them to do. It's so not worth time. Sure, it is a way to exercise, but too much strenuous activity can increase injuries.

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  • Hi tabor buzzby

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  • If we do ban gyms we are doomed

    We are already banning some of the funner activities in p.E and may or not partially be the reason why kids are getting fatter and lazier as kids are forced to be unimaginative(they banned cops and robbers and cowboys and Indians and anything involving very interactive or strenuous imagination) and they banned tag which was the perfect anti obese way to stay fit for kids and are banning more and more games for absolutely stupid or illogical reason and kids will get hurt no matter what and sometimes a kid getting hurt will give them a life experience so for god sake child obesity is bad enough and if we ban PE we will be screwing ourselves so much more then we already have.

  • People will be the size of a Blimp

    People like beavertails, Donairs, Poutine, Peameal, Bannock, Butter tarts, Lobster rolls, Montreal style bagels, Saskatoon berry pie, Montreal smoked meat, Split pea soup, Ketchup ships, All dressed chips, Nanaimo bars, Toutiere, Moose and tartin. People would explode if they don't do pe. If you hosers think that pe is optional you need to get real eh!

  • No it should not

    P.E. Is suppose to be fun and enjoyment for everyone to play and make new friends. In P.E. You can play another game that you never play before and you might like it. It the future to their college credits and for a long life and last forever :) :).

  • P.E. Is really important

    Children need PE in order not to become fat, create relationships and have fun at school. It should not be an obligation . . . .. . . . .. . . ..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Heck no never

    O o o o o o o o o o o o oo o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o oo o oo o o o o o o o o never it never should be banned

  • You all are idiots

    You all are idiots people are going to be the size of blimps if we stop pe kids don't know the importance of pe so they wouldn't go by them selves garbage fu.N just cruising smells, wibbly wobbly selfies. Illuminati confirmed. Merica heck ya! I I I I I i

  • P.E. Is a skill

    Cuz there are so many people that has a dream to become a sport's man even the one say yes I know they like to watch sports. Also P.E. Is about improving your skill and giving you the confidence to never give up. And sport is a passion that give anyone a chance to shape up. However there are some bad things about P.E. If you push your self to hard one day your bones will crack and never run or do awesome things again but you can overcome that. By resting and being relax sometimes. Also P.E. Is about having fun and playing with your friends.

  • No it shouldn't.

    I don't believe that P.E. should be banned, but I don't think it should be forced. I think it should be an option for students. I think that forcing P.E. only makes most children hate physical activity. The gym teachers need to work harder to make it more fun for students.

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