Should P.E. be mandatory for all students every school day?

  • It's Great to be Active!

    Being active as a kid is something required to prevent premature obesity, and is good for development and growth. You also learn how to stay fit, and not get so tired, and it builds up energy. It's great to have some activeness. It keeps your bones strong and it helps with your body in general Plus, a pediatrician is most likely to want to promote activeness in kids.

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  • PE is Fun

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  • P.E is very good for you and fun

    If kids don't have P.E. They can get out of shape. Most kids that don't have P.E. Are probably very nonathletic. They get very tired very quickly.
    Kids need P.E. Because it is also a form of education. P.E. Teaches kids how to play sports and to give them energy for the entire day.

  • P.E. Is too much work

    Too much exercise = getting you tired. People say that P.E. Is good, in my opioion, P.E. Is too much work. Sweat will get you tired, your legs would feel weak, you would get sunburn, and more. It's kinda exausting,and you would not be able to go to Libaray, and Music.

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