• Well yes duh

    I dont want to end up fat when im older im only 5 ...Sike you thought im old enough you dont need to know .Kids need to be healthy and not like a girl or boy with eating problems.And if you want to end up fat then you can but not me okay bye im out (drops the mic)
    i know im weard but shut up i dont care

  • Phys. Ed. Should be mandatory in schools.

    It provides a break from the often-grueling pressures of academic work, and it provides students with physical exercise, thereby helping their physical and their psychological well-being. Not having physical education in the schools is detrimental to students' physical and psychological health, and it should not be cut, the way a lot of schools have done.

    Posted by: mplo
  • Yes it does

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  • To a point...

    I think some type of physical activity should be required, because honestly kids shouldn't just sit at a desk all day. If you play a sport then pe could be optional but for kids who aren't active outside of school that time should be given in school to be active and help promote a healthier lifestyle.

  • To keep kids from being obese

    The reason I say this is because obesity starts as a young teenager or earlier hopefully not . Also because Americas obesity level is the highest of all nations and country's and we need to lower that.If we do stop it now then there will be more famous people.Also if we so then there will be more high society success. That's why i think we should have p.E every day

  • P.E. should be mandatory in schools.

    It is important for kids to get physical exercise for their well-being. Physical education can get them out of the classroom for part of the day, and they can have fun playing with their friends. They can also learn important skill like teamwork and leadership by planing sports with each other.

  • Why I think PE should be mandatory

    I think PE should be mandatory because you should have some kind of exercise at school. Also, kids might begin to gain weight if they don't exercise at school. PE is very important in school to learn how to play games fairly. Every kid should be able to experience PE throughout school.

  • PE is essential

    The PE lessons currently held in schools are important in the beggining of a development of leading a healthy life for young people. It is essential to bring about an awareness into sports and physical activities importance in todays society than ever before. With todays youth generation; 21-24% of American youth are overweight, and another 16-18% are obese; the prevalence of obesity is highest among specific ethnic groups. What does this suggest to you? For us to continue promoting to lead a healthy lifestyle and having mandatory PE lessons in schools is just the beggining. PE lessons can be collaborated in several ways of which can make us make the youth of today indulge in sports.

  • Always

    It can promote camaraderie in some (but not all) cases and is a way to make children get some exercise in when the world is constantly making it easier to avoid getting any. P.E. is the only chance you're going to get some of these kids moving at all, and for that reason it needs to stick around.

  • P.E. Should Be Mandatory

    P.E. helps keep kids healthy. When kids are constantly shoveling sugary drinks and fatty, salty foods into their mouths, and sitting in front of the television 8 or more hours a day, they need something good to help keep their bodies healthy. It also helps to alleviate the tension brought on by thinking so hard and sitting down in class all day. It helps in learning all their other subjects.

  • No, We Should Switch to Online Schooling; Physical Activity Does Not Need to be lumped in with academics and neither does socializing

    Physical education is great and the PARENTS should be greatly encouraged to get involved with their kid's physical education or have their kids join clubs that involve physical activity. However, the time has come where we could within a year if the government were determined to aid in the transition switch entirely to online schooling. Mandatory P.E. would obviously be impossible then.
    The kneejerk reaction is that kids won't get exercise or socialize. But why in the world do academics, socializing, and exercise have to be all handled at the same institution, especially when teachers often tell students "you're not here to socialize, you're here to learn"? The end result is that kids who have trouble in one of these areas often wind up with trouble with all of them. Instead socializing can be achieved by involving your children in clubs. As the clubs are actually primarily for a social purpose and not an academic purpose the kid doesn't have to be distracted and won't be put down by the other kids over academic performance (whether for higher or lower performance), and physically-oriented clubs can provide exercise.
    A few things like a chemistry lab could still be done by meeting together in a class, but rather than a whole building being necessary the class could just rent a room in an office building.
    More benefits: -Frees up thousands of buildings in the country to be used for other purposes, including places that social and physical clubs can rent for activities. -If the kid doesn't fit in school right now typically it's too bad for the kid and this can lead to serious social and mental problems for the kid. Switch to online schooling and if the kid doesn't fit in or worse is bullied at a social club he and his parents can easily just find another one for him. -Teachers are still needed, but other staff cafeteria, maintenance, hall monitors are no longer required. This would also free up resources to raise teacher's salaries. -Students in class could interact on online discussion forums and wouldn't know anything about the other students besides what they see in class, so they would be more cooperative and bond over the study material more rather than basing their connections on non-academic factors. -Teachers can limit the discussion to the subject more effectively, since he moderates the forum and can delete anything inappropriate or that doesn't pertain to the class. Class disruption becomes impossible. Lumping everything together as we do with schools is a mistake. It is better when people can focus more closely on each domain when they are engaged in it.

  • No, no, and no! (Coming from a student)

    I am a seventh grade girl who has “ physical education “ several times a week. Trust me, this class is an absolute joke. I see a lot of people crying out “ the kids will get obese! This will be fixed if we have gym class!” Well, actually no. You see, the reality of it is, a couple of hours a week of gym class will neither prevent nor help reduce obesity in students. If I go to school and have gym class, but then go home and eat junk food and be a couch potato, then I’ll definately get fat because I’m eating junk and just living a bad lifestyle at home where the school can’t control me! Also: in gym class, nobody is really.. Active. Everyone who says yes must think that in gym class we are super active, running , jumping, breaking a sweat and then healthily hydrating. Wrong. I’d say that in the whole gym class, my heart rate goes above normal like, 3 or 4 times. Sure, there’s a little bit where you like scramble to get a ball or where your teacher forces you to sprint, but other then that, we aren’t active.
    Listen, team sports are great. They really are. Anyone should be able to do them if they want to. But.. Here’s the thing. I do dance, I do not play a sport connected to the school. This is because I don’t really like these sports, and instead I do dance, which I really enjoy and motivates me to exercise. And I know there are more like me. Students that do something else active that isn’t connected to school, ( dance, gymnastics, biking). There’s a reason we don’t play these sports on a team. So remind me why I’d enjoy being forced to play them with random people in a loud, smelly gym?
    Gym should not be required. It should not be a grade. Making it a grade has the possibility to ruin people’s lives, if they are in high school, it can drag down their GPA should they get a bad grade, which can impact their ability to get into college. Do you want that?
    If you really want us to exercise during school, why not give us recess/ free period? There, we can choose what to do. Want to play soccer? Or basketball? You can do that! Want to jump rope? Go ahead! In this case , a playground definitely wouldn’t hurt! Maybe you want to play two square with your friend. Or maybe you want to walk/ run/ bike on the bike trail that the school made around the premises, that goes into the woods that you’re school happens to be surrounded by. Say maybe you aren’t feeling good. Maybe you’ve got a big test coming up, or maybe you want to read or practice you band/ orchestra INSTURMENT. Well, you can go to the correct place and do that too! It’s not a required. Gym class shouldn’tberequired.

  • No we are good.

    P.E. Should not be required. Not everyone is equal in strength. The teachers are psycho at times. We shouldn't have to have a 6 pack or bulgy arms. So many things are impossible. There is one thing called a burpee where you jump, dive to the ground and do a few pushups really fast. Try doing over 150 of those.

  • It should be optional (from the point of view of a student)

    It's upsetting to me that adults only seem to look at the "plus sides" to Gym classes. It should be mandatory for elementary schools, but for middle school and up where changing in front of prettier girls, or stronger boys can severely damage a growing child, or teenager's self esteem. Being the chubby one in the locker room isn't fun and could lead to dangerous mental illnesses. Two of my friends shared with me that they had developed suicidal tendencies because they didn't look like the other teenagers in the locker room. These friends have taken P.E all their lives, and have never lost a pound from it, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was part of the fact they are stress eaters.

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