• Paid sick leave could lead to overall better workplace health.

    I’ll use myself as an example. I never call off work. 2 days ago I got the flu and have called off 2 days. I am definitely going back to work tomorrow despite still being contagious because I simply can’t afford to miss any more work. It’s just fortunate I don’t work with food.

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  • Public Health is no joke.

    Nobody here would want someone coming into work caring a deadly infection like Bird or Swine flu. Do you want the employee making your food to be contagious? Do you want your children infected because the parents of the sick child in class couldn't afford to take a day off from work to care for little Jimmy, so they sent him to school sick? And now you or your child has come down with a deadly infection.

    This is how plagues are started. People can't separate themselves from the ones that are caring the Illness. There for it begins to spread like wildfire. Look at how much the flu virus has mutated in the past decade. It's only a matter of time before it hits hard again and takes a toll on the population.
    What will the cost be then? Giving a couple of days off to people so that they don't infect others seems like a small cost to me, compared to having most of your employees come down sick and forcing your business to close until they can recover.

    For those who argue that people will abuse the sick days, I say that if they are caught then there should be a punishment for lying and stealing from the company.
    In the military you are required to go see a doctor to be excused from work for to take a sick day. This is not an unreasonable requirement since this would help doctors confront the flu season as soon as it begins.

  • Paid sick leave should be required by law.

    Workers should have paid sick leave, because it is not their fault that they are ill. It is unfair for them to have no income when they are sick. People can use abuse their sick days for their own benefit. Workers can provide evidence they have been sick. A doctor's note or phone call could be used as evidence, similar to how illness is verified in public schools.

  • Yes, paid sick leave should be required by law.

    Yes, I believe that all institutions public and private should offer some type of paid sick leave to all employees. I believe that workers are at their best when they are feeling their best, and some time off due to sickness and illness can help to improve the productivity of all workers and should be required to be offered.

  • Companies are struggling enough.

    Companies are already struggling today to provide for all the required benefits that come with employees. I certainly wouldn't start a new business if I had to pay someone every time they took a sick day regardless the employee. I could see it used as an added incentive. I.E. Those that regularly do good/hard work might be offered paid sick days (much like paid vacations already).

  • No, people abuse sick days

    Sick days are often used when, well, people aren't sick. This is pretty common for some people, but the business does not suffer because they don't have pay someone to do nothing. If a business wants to offer it then they should be able to so, but the government should not force it.

    Posted by: TN05
  • No it (sick leave) should not be required by law.

    This is largely a circumstantial decision that depends on the finances of the company involved. One who is self employed would not seek a legal paid sick leave period. There are also those who could fake sick leave and still get paid for not such a serious sickness. Medical documentation of an illness can be easily obtained for fairly minor illnesses.

  • The company isn't your babysitter. Your paid to work.

    If you don't work 10 hours, you shouldn't be paid for those 10 hours.

    All political correctness and nu politiks aside... You didn't sign a contract for the company to babysit you... Your sign on the be paid for your work. To force a company to pay someone who isn't working is wrong.

    NO, companies take care of your every need... You need to plan for that. Instead of buying the Xbox and new terabyte laptop, save money... We save a precious 4% of all our money every year, no wonder we can't afford medical costs and emergencies and need to government to pay for us when we're in trouble..

    No, you need to take responsibility for your life, not the company. You need to stop buying everything you dreamed of and start thinking about your security. Save up in your savings so if your sick for a week, or two, or even three, you've planned for it, instead of making the company pay for work your not doing.

    It's not fair to the company, regardless of how much money they make. You are their employee, not their 3 year old child.

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