• Yes, paid sick leave should be commensurate with hours worked.

    Everyone gets sick. Emergencies happen, family needs to be cared for, life cannot always be planned. Employers must understand and make reasonable accommodations for this. It is costly for employers, especially small businesses, to give paid sick leave for workers. But it is also costly for the workers. When workers do not get paid sick leave they are often left with the choice between going to work sick and paying the bills. This leads to the spreading of illnesses through the workplace and possibly even increases in medical costs and decrease in overall productivity. Offering paid sick leave benefits the workers, the company, and the nation.

  • Yes, getting sick is not something we can control.

    But what we can control is having mandatory sick leave. Some companies have it, and some don't. Walmart, who I worked for for 5 years, only gave sick pay to full-time workers, which they were phasing out so they can bring in part-time workers and not have to pay sick leave to them. They have unpaid sick leave, which actually got me fired because I had to be hospitalized for a month, and they didn't like that. Workers need RIGHTS.

  • Yes

    If anything, workers have too few rights. Paid sick leave would help employees who are sick and unable to work. A lot of people live paycheck to paycheck, and simply missing some work can mean eviction or repossession of a vehicle. The ability to provide oneself should be a right, not a privilege!

  • Yes, paid sick leave for workers should be mandatory.

    Who wants sick people at work with them? Sick people spread germs and get others sick. What would be the point in, or sense of, not allowing sick people to be home caring for themselves and receiving sick pay? The alternative is to get everyone else sick or potentially force the sick person into a financial hole they most likely would not be able to afford.

    It doesn't make sense for an employer to not provide sick leave for employees.

  • No it should not.

    What are we living in a communist country here? Maybe if you weren't such terrible employees, your company would give you sick leave to make sure you were happy. These things get invented in the private sector, the public sector views them as a right, then the system goes bankrupt. Then, capitalism is blamed for it. Nice job totalitarians.

  • No it shouldn't

    Not all business are able to provide sick leave. Also 30% of workers total compensation goes into benefits they already have, if business are forced to give workers paid sick leave those benefits will be taken away. Last many business will convert workers into par-time workers to consolidate their workforce and avoid the laws mandates.

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