• Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Burma are not real states!

    The seperation of India into different states is a geopoliticial desaster not unlike the separation of Korea, Germany and the imaginary sep. Or USA.

    Pakistan is unreasonable state. But let's say, the leadership becomes reasonable. Every Pakistani head of state would have to kiss up to India like Greece kisses up to Germany. It is better to have Pakistan inside India, that would give them more influence.

  • Yes, they should rejoin India - and I say "rejoin" for a reason.

    What's now "Pakistan" and "Bangladesh" was part of the Indian subcontinent in the first place. Weather you think former Princely States such as Jammu and Kashmir or Baluchistan should be part of India's union or not is their choice, and there is a conflict in the North-East for just that reason. But let's just say for a moment that they chose to unite as India. The ONLY reason West and East Pakistan were founded was because of Muslims whining - and no I am not afraid to say so. Everyone but Jinnah were against it, and yet he still got his way. Giving the Muslims of India a country OF THEIR OWN is as absurd as giving the Christians of India one. And that is yet another reason there is an insurgency in the North-East. They are not the only fish in the sea apart from the Hindus. And what's more, they are nit Dharmic Religions. If there is anyone that DOESN'T deserve a state, its them. Sorry guys, but that's all there is to it.

  • Yes I think Pakistan should again be a part of India

    If this happens so then I think wars between these 2 countries will come to end.I think then the Pakistanis will think that even are a part of India and stop wars. Recently, Yasin Bhatkal told the interrogators that he had asked his Pakistan based boss Riyaz Bhatkal over the phone whether the latter could arrange a small nuclear bomb and Riyaz replied that'' anything can be arranged in Pakistan''.Yasin requested him to look for a nuclear bomb for Surat but Riyaz protested that Muslims would also be killed so yasin said they could paste posters in mosque asking muslims to queitly evacuate the city. I think if Pakistan will become a part of India then I think this would come to an end

  • Should never and will never happen

    No Pakistani would ever think of such a thing to happen. Neither will any Indian forget the rest of the world especially US, China. The difference in the opinions on both sides are vast, partly sponsored by media. Both sides are extremely patriotic. Take Pakistani nukes out of equation and this would have happened ages ago, but things are way past the point where this could even be discussed.

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