• To get rid of violence, and grant protection to minorities and women.

    The founder of Pakistan always visioned the country as a secular state before he passed away. His speech of August 11, 1948 relates to that. If Pakistan can be made a secular state, then the protection of minorities and other sects of Islam is guaranteed. People can practice their faith freely without facing any hatred or false persecution from the justice system. Because of the conservative nature of the country, there's an increase in the number of radicalized Muslims, and the situation's getting worse day by day. The terrorists are making a huge advantage out of it by promoting violence across every state. All the time I'm hearing from the news that there's a terrorist attack launched in schools, in buses, hospitals, streets, churches, mosques, houses, etc. Islam has specifically mentioned numerous times that we are supposed to treat our neighbors equally with love and empathy. Even the founder of Pakistan strongly touched on that. I just can't believe that three-fifth of the Muslim population in Pakistan is acting lazy and are standing with a blank mind. Worse of all, Pakistani women are being treated in a very harsh way. Men rape them, and then the sharia court asks them to show their 4 male witnesses. So if 4 male witnesses are not present, then the judge dismisses the case, and now the victims just leave with a devastated look. What kind of nonsense is happening in Pakistan? Every time people die in the name of Islam, and we are seeing a harsh mistreatment of Ahmadiya Muslim sects. The trend is sadly increasing, NOT because of the natural disasters, but because of human factors. These people act like zealots! We need to provide security to the women, minorities, and ban all laws (especially the blasphemy ones) that have been inciting violence for decades. So Secularism should definitely be Pakistan's finest primary goal, for it to advance in its position.

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