• Yes, Pakistan should return mortar fire.

    Pakistan should return mortar fire on Iran, if Iran is threatening the country. Every country has a right to defend itself against foreign aggression. The Iranians should not be allowed to threaten other nations - even if its leaders are nuts. Pakistan can return mortar fire against Iran when it comes under attack.

  • No, Pakistan should be return mortar fire on Iran

    The countries of Iran and Pakistan need to find a peaceful solution for their conflicts. The exchange of mortar fire is not going to resolve any issues. There needs to be open and friendly dialogue between the countries and they need to work on common goals to improve the safety and quality of life for their citizens.

  • No, Pakistan should create a plan that will bring a peaceful solution to the issues in their country.

    Returning mortar fire on Iran is not the solution. Iran is already expecting this type of tactic and is prepared to retaliate. I think that Pakistan should find a more peaceful solution to the issues they are facing with Iran. If this is not a possibility, Pakistan should come up with an action plan that catches Iran off guard.

  • No, Pakistan should not return mortar fire on Iran.

    No, Pakistan should not return mortar fire on Iran because it will only lead to more injustices and a better chance at war. Countries should try to solve their problems by meeting with each other and seeing why the other feels a certain way. They can solve their situation peacefully.

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