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  • It's a scam anyway

    Palcohol won't get you instadrunk by snorting it. Alcohols normal freezing point is below zero, so other digestible material is used to keep the alcohol in "solid" form. This causes a dilution of alcohol per volume, you would fill you lungs up before getting drunk. The idea itself is useless anyway.

  • No different than purchasing normal liquid alcohol.

    Banning palcohol, much like the prohibition of alcohol, would only serve to hurt the state. Black market palcohol would hurt the economy, drain resources, charge people with nonsense crimes, and only profit crIminals. If we can ban palcohol, why can't we ban alcohol? Oh wait, we tried and it failed so miserably we needed a new amendment to fix it. It has many benefits also, including medical, manufacturing, food, or commercial applications; it would improve our economy.

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