Should Palestine be a full member state of the U.N.?

  • We need to support Palestine

    If we isolate Palestine, then terror groups like Hamas gain more support. We need to show the Palestinians that we view them as equals and want their voice to be heard. In the last 60 years, there has been a heavy bias towards the Israeli side and only global recognition of Palestine can rectify this problem.

  • Everyone Deserves a chance

    While not everyone is perfect and we all have the bad apples in our bunch their are also good people in the world who deserves a chance, at a great life, Even in America we have many of our bad apples that make our country looks bad, but yet there are still people here with good intentions.

  • Inclusion is More Beneficial for All Involved

    Because we have learnt through human behaviour that by excluding a person or a state, nobody wins. It is better to include Palestine because it is and has been in a lot of turmoil for so many years. It is the people who are suffering and feel like nobody cares. By including Palestine and allowing it to become a full member state of the U.N. Maybe we can work together to each others mutual benefit by including Palestine, the ignored problem.

  • Yes, it's the only way to achieve peace.

    Yes, I think Palestine should be a full member state of the U.N. I believe the only way Palestine and Israel will ever achieve a peaceful co-existence is if each is a separate state, each with full statehood rights. Both nations will need to be accepted as equals, not only by each other, but by the rest of the world also.

  • Palestine should not be a full member state of the U.N..

    Palestine should not be admitted to the United Nations because of their connections to terrorism. Palestine cannot be recognized as a legitimate country any more than Al Qaeda could be. The fledgling government of Palestine should continue to be punished for their support of terrorist activities against the civilians of Israel.

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