• Pandas are easy prey

    You can put baby panda out of captivity into the wild whatever you think that may be and believe they're going to be just fine. Nature will do its thing. DAMN STRAIGHT IT WILL. Garuntee panda population will further decline. Pandas are bred in captivity to protect them BUT MOSTLY BECAUSE WE LIKE LOOKING AT THEM. We like it! We no lie! We selfish! I like seeing baby panda sneeze! I like seeing baby panda go down slides and bump into each other and fall off trees because they clumsy. They're also super lazy and maybe they're not the brightest bulbs but they are harmless and don't mind companionship from humans as we don't mind it from them.

  • It's the only way to save pandas.

    Pandas are citically endangered. Breeding them in the wild would cause massive problems for the panda population. Zoos like the Toronto Zoo have pandas on exhibit. Scientists can learn more about pandas by keeping them in captivity, like their behaviors. Zoo visitors can also be educated by becoming inspired to learn more by seeing them at zoos, in person, not possible if we just let them be in the wild.

  • Life in a cage

    Panda's need to be born in the wild to learn the right things in the wild instead of by humans.
    How would you like being stuck in a cage all your life?
    Think about it......
    Anyway the panda cubs would never know what is like in the wild.
    Thank you

  • Wast of time and money

    People will just wast to much time and money when the can be breed in the wild. By perfecting the habitat for them to breed in they would have already spent millions of dollars when they can just put them in the wild and breed them that way. I mean come on.

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  • The ONLY way

    Pandas are endangered right? And we should protect them right? Well I think that we defiantly shouldn't breed them in captivity because they need to thrive in their natural habitat and not be bread in a bad way. I think that this is very important if we want them to not be extinct.

  • Yes because yes

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