• They're not different

    If they are to be treated equally then why should they be singled out in a separate event specifically designed for the disabled. I think the way Paralympians train is far superior to the way Olympians train and many Paralympians could give the Olympians a greater contest than many people think.

  • I think that they would possibly get in the way

    Getting in the way would be bad for everyone. They will need to do certain things to race or related events and that will take time throwing everyone of skhedule. And they could possibly hurt themselves or others in attempt. Besides we should not force them to do anything that they do not want.

  • Paralympians Should Compete in the Olympics

    Think of it this way: the olympics is about who is the fastest, strongest, or best in what they do. So if there is a blind person that can run far faster than anyone else in the world, the person who won gold at the olympics wouldn't REALLY be the fastest person out there. And the announcers might point that out. It wouldn't be real. Now the chances of the fastest person in the world being blind? Not likely. But IF it were to be the case, I'm strongly in favor of them being given a chance.

  • Paralympians Should Compete in Olympics

    As long as the paralympian who is attempting to compete in an event at the Olympics is not enhanced in any way that gives the person an advantage over their competition, that paralympian should have a shot at competing in the respective event. There are not a lot of Paralympians that would be able to compete in the events that are displayed at the Olympics, but for the few that can they should be given a chance. The rules of their disability and what prosthetic or surgery that was done to aid their disability should be strictly enforced as those who may use performance enhancing drugs to give them an advantage over their competition. In general, these Paralympians should be checked under the same guidelines and that way they can compete at a fair level with the rest of the group.

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  • The Paralympics is a little different.

    If a Paralympian competes in the Olympics they will normally either have a big advantage or a big disadvantage. They might have no legs, so they might get get robo-legs and will be super fast, which is kind of cheating, or they will do it themselves, and be a at a place where they just can't win

  • The Paralympics is a separate institution

    The Olympics is already an extremely large gathering, and allowing paralympians into it would serve only to make things more complicated for whoever is hosting it, in addition to imposing a completely new set of rules into the games. The paralympics is fine as a separate event, and because of this fact the Olympics should stay as it is.

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